This module manages the adding and editing of O.E. or DAEs. An O.E is a Customs Declaration Document needed for the exportation that includes type of shipment, product, destination and date, etc.

Managing and Viewing existing O.E's

This most be created at farm level

This is the primary page for creating, editing and viewing existing O.E.'s.

Home / Customers / Exportations / Manage O.E https://farm.unosof.com/index.cfm?event=FUES.List

From this page, you are able to search existing O.E using various filters such as Country, Airport, Customer, Start and End Date or by inputing a specific O.E. number. Clicking the search button will search based on the criteria provided

Creating a New O.E:

For master management customers, please note that O.E management should be done in the farm level application.

To create a new O.E., click the New O.E. Button in the upper left corner of the page.

Clicking this button brings up the Manage O.E. form

This is where the information of a new O.E. can be entered.

In DAU-40 and DAU-40 input the DAE number opened in customs.

Select the Country this DAE belongs to.

Select the departing airport.

Select the period of time the DAE is active using the Start date and End Date option.

Date Start and Date End are linked to the flying date of each Purchase Order.

Once all information has been entered, hit the Save &Close button to save the O.E.

Creating a Maritime O.E.

Maritime O.E.s are granted for a single customer and a specific date (Period of time maximum a week)

To create a Maritime O.E., follow the same process described above, but note:

To select a Customer.

To select a short period of time, dates should not exceed more than a week.

Create an O.E. for Eternal Flowers

Eternal Flowers require a special O.E.

This O.E for Eternal Flowers must be a Maritime O.E., so please follow the same process described above.

But note:

The option NO, must be selected in the Perishable field in the the Manage O.E. form

O.E Cases:

How to solve the message of a invoice that says "NO O.E"

Please revise at farm level application if the O.E is being created, if there is no O.E for that country.

Please go ahead and created the O.E to finish with the coordination of the invoice.

Go to Customers / Exportations / Manage O.E

Another common reasons to not be able to save the AWB and HAWB:

The PO is outside of the date range of the O.E.

The airport does not match with the created O.E.

And that the O.E. is marked as parishable, please always leave this option as YES!

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