Inventory Shoot

This is the correct way of doing the inventory shoot process.

Please do this process at the end of the day, when the packing, process and sales team finish their work!!

The inventory shoot process must be done at farm level applications.

First, you need to open the note pad application on your computer.

Once you are in the application the packer from the S3 needs to start pistoling with a wireless pistol the bunches that are stored in the cold room.

All the bunches that are stored in the cold room have to be scanned into the note pad file.

As soon as the packer finished, the file has to be saved in a .txt file format so you don't have problems uploading the file into your UNOSOF farm application.

Now that you have your file ready to be uploaded, is really important to revise the file, the file can't contain any enters or spaces between two barcode IDs. If you have any enter or space between two barcode ID's the system will take that action as the end of your file and the system will not recognize the other bunch IDs.

Then you need to access your farm application and Log-in with the user that has the user permissions to upload that new inventory shoot file.

If the file is not saved in .TXT format the system will not recognize the file.

Once you are inside your UNOSOF application

Please go to the section Inventory // Inventory Management // Inventory Shoot

After selecting the correct farm, you can choose the .txt file with all the bunches, we recommend to save the file in the "desktop" of your computer so its easy to find.

The system will automatically show you a preview of all the bunches that have been scanned in the inventory shoot, it would also show you the specific information of every barcode ID that was scanned in the file.

!IMPORTANT! Please make sure that the entire file is loaded in your browser before you hit the "Process Inventory" button. Sometimes the file contains a lot of data so uploading the information to your system will take a little bit of time, so please be patient before clicking on "Process Inventory".


The correct way of verifying if all the file is successfully uploaded, is to check in your application before you click on "Process Inventory" that the last barcode ID is the same barcode ID as you have in your notepad in the .txt file.

Status meaning in the Inventory Shoot File

When you are uploading the inventory shoot file, before you process the file with the "Process Inventory" you can see 3 different statuses that you need to consider.

Packed Status

This specific status is really important to keep in mind, its not so common that you see this status if you have a good organization of your cold room and the packers are doing their job correctly.

The important thing that you do when you see a bunch or many bunches with this "Packed" status, Is needed to generate new barcodes because it means that the bunch sticker was packed and sent in a box, the PO is already invoiced and that can't be changed.

Duplicate Status

This status refers that the ID of an specific bunch has already been scanned before in the note pad file.

When you see a duplicate don't worry, the system will automatically delete that duplicate and only upload one ID, only if the bunch as not been packed or exited.

Exited Status

In this status we can see the bunches that have been exited by any reason out of the inventory. When you see this status please don't worry, the system will automatically skip this ID and continue with the next ID that has the Available status.

Available Status

This is the perfect status for a barcode ID, because this status means that there are no problems with the ID and that bunch will appear in your inventory after you hit the button "Process Inventory".

De-Active Status

Cases: When a bunch is not scanned into the note pad for the inventory shoot file, please have in consideration that the system puts does bunches into a DE-activated mode.

It can happen that in the cold-room they see 23 physical bunches, but the report “View Aged Inventory” only show’s 22 bunches that are needed to take out of the inventory via the “Inventory Exits” module. This case happens because in the inventory shoot file the station 3 guys didn’t scan a bunch into the file so the system sets that bunch as “De-Activated” meaning that the bunch will not appear in the inventory for the sales reps to sale or see that bunch.

If the packers are doing the exit of the bunches, and they found the bunch, they will need to process an exit of that bunch, as “Flor de Baja” because that Bunch exists physically.

This means that the system recognizes that the Bunch some day existed because the S2 register that information, but because in the S3 the packers didn’t scan the bunch into the Note pad file. This is a common mistake that has to be taken in consideration.

After we do the Inventory exit of that bunch (scan the barcode), the system will bring it back into consideration for reporting of the “Flor de baja”

Before the inventory exit the bunch was in a limbo status because it was not scanned into the inventory shoot file. So after the inventory exits of that missing bunch, the reports will show the data of that bunch and it can be seen in the “Inventory Packing List” that the bunch has its unique ID and that was exited (That means is taken into consideration for reporting.

When we revise in the “Inventory Packing List” in the “View Inventory Items Detail” report, it will show that the Bunche was exited as “Flore de Baja”. If you delete the exits with the “Full control” permissions, the system will bring back the bunch to the inventory as an “Available bunch”

What does the cold room have?

Revise the following steps to know how many bunches the cold room actually has.

Please, go to: Inventory/ View Inventory/ Search Inventory

Use the filters for a specific search, and select the option ACTUAL INVENTORY SKU'S from the drop-down menu. Then hit on SEARCH.

This report presents what the cold room has by SKU.

If you want to check by variety, please, select the option ACTUAL INVENTORY VARIETY from the drop-down menu. Then hit on SEARCH.

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