Vendor Purchase Orders

This module manages the creation and sending of Vendor Purchase Orders and other management tools to the process

Create Vendor Purchase Orders

To create vendor Purchase Orders, go to:

Home / Vendors / Vendor Orders / Create Vendor Orders

Select the filters to create the Vendor PO:

  • Provider: Select the Vendor. Click on the link for how to create a new vendor.

  • Requested By: User who is requesting the purchase.

  • Approval: User who approves the purchase.

  • Drop-Off: Place where the vendor drops off the product. It can be a pick-up, farm delivery, or a specific delivery to a cargo agency,

  • Invoice Date: Select an invoice date

  • Delivery Date: Select a delivery date for this vendor order.

Click on the Save Button to save the Vendor Purchase Order. By saving, the order gets a PO ID.

After saving, start selecting the product by clicking on the dropdown menu on the left side of the page.

The dropdown menu shows a list of the created boxes on the Mix Box Management module. Click on the link, for how to create a mixed box.

Select also the box quantity to add and click on the Add Box button.

Add price by:

  • Editing each box, pricing field

  • Searching the box name and mass applying with the header pricing field.

To replicate a PO, click on the Copy button on the right upper corner of the page.

Click on Save button to complete the PO.

Click on the link to view and manage the Vendor Purchase Orders.

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