Manage Reprocess Inventory

Reprocess inventory can be a downgrade, a package change, or any type of change that effect the original SKU into a new unit.

The Re-process instructions can be given in two different ways: 1) Directly via the sales page 2) Or via the inventory overview.

If you wish, that your reprocessed bunches end up in the box, make sure that you get the reprocess request physically done before packing the box via S3! If the reprocess is physically not done before packing, the box can be confirmed with the original available SKUs, and the box shall get packed with non-reprocessed flowers.

A reprocessed bunch only becomes required to pack as being the oldest bunch if it got converted into the needed SKU, via the reprocess module. Therefore make sure that the requests for reprocessing get controlled frequently and immediately during the day.

Method 1) Reprocess Request PO Page

Here we explain how the request can be given via the first method, directly via the sales page. To make a Re-Process Order please create a new purchase order inside the system.

Inside the PO's Live Inventory section, find the SKU that needs to be re-processed.

To be able to create a Reprocess order there must be a positive balance of free available inventory. The reprocess request can modify an SKU's Length, Stem count, and/or Package type.

Click on the letter R on the last column of the SKU that is required to re-process.

The Reprocess form looks as follows.

Reprocess Date selection

The first action is, when do you wish to execute the downgrade? Execute means: When do you want to the post-harvest to grab that bunch and reprocess it? Today's date is the default setting. But it is possible to select a future execution date in the calendar.

If today's date gets selected, ALL free available inventory of ALL days out (based on the lifespan) is available to select to reprocess. However, if tomorrow's date is selected, the last day of the SKU lifespan is no longer available for tomorrow. UNOSOF automatically does not make it possible to select free available inventory that sits on its last day of rotation for tomorrow's reprocess execution.

Currently, It's not possible to insert a reprocess request further out than 1 day. The reason is that reprocessing is very expensive, and it's always better to avoid it. UNOSOF has designed tools to prevent over-processing (S2 consumer bunch module), which helps to avoid reprocessing, and commercially wise speaking, the transparency in our inventory modules should give full opportunity to export the SKU in its original form (length, presentation, etc).

Another reason to not allow inserting further date reprocess requests is that future harvest production can fulfill the need. That gives a commercial opportunity to export the SKU in its original form (length, presentation, etc), which prevents a reprocess request, and that saves cost.

On the other hand, a future reprocess request helps to balance your future inventory in advance. There are three major benefits of inserting future reprocess requests after today's sales. 1) Efficiency Tomorrow first hour, the reprocess request shall get executed. That results in confirmable boxes that can get early packed and shipped (S3). 2) Save aged inventory Unsellable aged inventory, that tomorrow shall sit in its last day of the rotation, shall get reprocessed tomorrow's first hour, and becomes the oldest SKU. Therefore it's guaranteed that it gets packed and shipped (S3). 3) Dispo Balance By applying free available inventory (positives) to a demand (negatives), inventory gets balanced up. By not inserting a future reprocess request, the free available inventory gets offered and sold. To create clean dispos (that indirectly makes you more reliable as a company), future reprocessing adds indirectly commercial value.

Reprocess SKU selection, Customer, and Memo

In order to quickly find your wished reprocess SKU, use the filters of the Length, Stem, Cut-stage, and Package.

For customers: it's important to mention which customer you desire or need to reprocess inventory for.

Without a customer selection, the reprocess request cannot be saved.

Memo: This field is used to give a reason for the reprocess request, why, who, etc. This memo gets displayed on the work form of the reprocess module. It's made to justify and for communication reasonings between the commercial- and post-harvest departments. Without a memo, the reprocess request cannot be saved.

Click on the SAVE button.

Reprocess requests are normally made to SAVE flowers, therefore the request should be executed before packing.

The FOR CUSTOMER field only works for reporting, it doesn't mean that the reprocess order will go to that Client.

Method 2) Reprocess Request From View Inventory.

The re-process order can also be made on the VIEW INVENTORY page.

Please in the submenu in the upper right, select the option DISPO option.

Click the Search button.

In the lower screen Inventory Results will appear.

Please go to the REPROCESS column and click on the blue RP box.

Now follow the same process previously detailed, inside the Reprocess Form.

View reprocess requests module

This page is designed for post-harvest usage. It's the post-harvest obligation to organize themselves in a way to reprocess everything on the day itself. Any reprocess requirement has to be executed or needs to get deleted, to balance up the inventory. UNOSOF is designed to give full transparency on inventory balances. Any reprocess requirement that does not get executed on the day itself, will be ignored on the inventory balance calculations the next day.

Execute Reprocess Request.

Please go to Inventory Re-process / View Re-process Orders option

In the sub-menu at the top right select the option View Downgrade Requests.

Choose the search filters necessary for the Order.

If you wish to view or execute a future reprocess request, please select tomorrow's date instead of today.

Click on the Search button

Please go to the PROCESS column and click on PROCESS highlighted in blue.

After clicking on the blue PROCESS button a new window opens.

This new section will indicate:

DATE of the re-process order.

QTY (Quantity): the number of Bunches (Ramos) to be reprocessed.


NEW PRODUCT: This will be the new SKU that will be generated.

Please proceed to Scan the ID of each SKU according to the inventory date that is shown on DATE.

Unosof generates a new sticker, with the exact same barcode ID for traceability, but with the new naming of the SKU.

The OK! message will appear in the middle to notify that the reprocessing was made correctly. The system shall give you a new barcode that you can paste on the bunch.

Reprocessed inventory traceability

Keeping the exact same barcode assigned to the new SKU is done from a claim traceability perspective. It is very important that every bunch (barcode) can be tracked down. Reprocessed inventory is a frequent cause for claims, since the head size of the reprocessed SKU is different than the other original SKUs in the box in case of a downgrade, or the flowers got repacked which causes some mechanical damage.

Delete Reprocess Request

To delete the re-process go to the DELETE column and click on the DELETE box highlighted in red. It's possible to grant access to just a few specific users access to delete process requests.

In order to delete a reprocess request, please hit the Delete button. If a reprocess requirement gets deleted, the inventory immediately gets affected and returned to its original balance.

Tip: Execute re-processes at the PH every 30 min.

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