Delaware Valley

Here, we explain a Buyer Integration between Delaware Valley and Unosof.

Unosof has integrated with the customer Delaware Valley via the Kuehne&Nagel system:

  • Purchase Order Integration (Komet --> Unosof)

  • Box Information for the unified dispatch label (S3)

Generate KN User and Password

For this integration with KN, it is necessary to enable a username and password to access the data.

The API services we will call are:

  • Purchase Orders WS - Get Session

  • Purchase Orders WS - Get Labels by Date

Data Mapping

a. Customers

It's necessary to map Billing Customers and Shipping Customers. Currently, we mapped Delaware Valley - DV Flora and Delaware Valley - Grower Direct.

b. Products

To map products, we use the Mixed box Module.

To create mixed boxes, please follow the described steps in the following link.

Mix Box Management // create mix box

Once the box is created, you can map out the mixed box IDs from Komet with those created boxes in UNOSOF.


  • Mix Name:

  • Delaware product ID in the option Product Code, and the

Choose the Stock Client by selecting the corresponding billing and shipping client.

Delaware Valley Order Creation

To access this module, go to:

Reports / Accounting Reports

Select the "DWV Orders (Delaware)" option in the dropdown menu.

Select a date on the "Start Date" filter and hit "Generate Report" (Green Button). It's not possible to select more than one day range.

This search will show you all orders created in KN for Delaware Valley on that date.


In this table, you will find all the information Kuehe & Nagel send to Unosof via the API (JSON File).

To synch and create the order in Unosof, click on the "S" Button under the Synch Column and click again on the "Generate Report" button to refresh the page.

The order gets created in Unosof.

The table gives a general overview of the PO created (Date, PO ID, # Boxes, # Mapped Boxes, and amount in $).

Important: The box content should be mapped to synch an order from Komet to Unosof. We consider a box to be mapped when it relates one or more products from DV to SKUs in Unosof. We use a box code or reference for every box recipe.

Box Information for the Unified S3 Label

Once Unosof receives the Purchase Orden information from kn, it's also necessary to get the Box information to generate the Unified S3 label with all the info.

The user should generally do the process in Station 3 to print the box stickers.

This sticker is only enabled for the Delaware Valley Orders.

There are two different label formats for DV-Flora and Growers Direct.

Box Label Error Fixes

it can happen that a box label comes in with an error, like this:

  • To fix these errors: Go to Accounting reports, hit mapping, and check the unpalled values. you shall find these kind of examples, in where the code indicates 125st, but the box that created contains 100st. Because of the mismatch, we show an error on the box label. Basically, the description has to match the product discription. On the label we show 100st, the API 125st. On the order creation, the 100st box got a 28863 code assigned, that we show on the customer label.

What looks different? The 28863 is assigned to Rose Rd Freedom 40cm sc 125. however the box was created with 100st, and should be 125st. meaning, that the content of the box is incorrect.

in the XML file, comes a product description and an item_product to map the boxes of today ---> boxes in the XML file

Out of that, we create the PO content, in where we show for each box the fields: C: field should match the item_product BN: field should match the description when those don't match, we cannot link the box data in the XML to the correct PO data. Sometimes this data gets populated late in the afternoon meaning, the XML, in that case nothing shows up until that time... logically: we can only map when there is data.

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