Delete Purchase Orders

In this article we revise the process of how to delete purchase orders and the aspects to be considered before deleting a PO.

In order to delete a purchase order the following steps need to be taken:

First step

Make sure the PO is not invoiced. If this is the case, we first need to rollback the invoice.

In some cases, the invoice of the purchase order has already been authorized in the SRI. In that case, it is important to annul the invoice in the SRI first and then rollback the invoice in Unosof.

Second Step

Make sure the boxes inside the PO are not confirmed nor packed. You can check this by identifying the colors of boxes.

White boxes with icons

If the box is white and we can see the bin icon, the arrows and the double window in the upper right side of the box it means that box is not confirmed nor packed yet, therefore, we can delete this box.

White boxes without icons

A white box without the icons in its upper right side, is a box that is confirmed but not packed yet. This type of boxes cannot be deleted either unless the sales representative un confirms the box, then, the box would be editable.

Grey boxes

When the box has a grey color it means the box is already packed and confirmed, so such boxes cannot be deleted from the PO.

Third step

Once we have verified that our boxes are in white We need to delete all the boxes in the purchase order.

We can do this by deleting them one by one by using the bin icon in the upper right side of each box:

It is also possible to select multiple boxes and delete them all at once by using the mass selection box, and then pressing in the bin icon above the search bar.

Fourth Step

After deleting all of the boxes in the purchase order, we need to delete the purchase order itself. We do this by clicking on the delete button located at the upper side of the PO page.

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