Consignment is the process where boxes are purchased from another farm against a yet to be determined rate. The rate is calculated based on the final sale to the end customer.

Loading Consignment Orders

Consignment orders are loaded via the Upload Miami Purchases module. This page allows the user to upload a csv file of vendors/boxes/products which are used to generate the initial vendor purchase order in our system.

Vendor Purchase Orders can also be created manually but the excel upload process tends to be faster as multiple vendors can be uploaded at one time.

Verifying Consignment Results

Consignment Results can be verified under Sales Reports and the sub-section Provider Reports.

The Provider Sales Overview Report is the most widley used report as it links the vendor boxes directly to the boxes sold to the final customer and against what price. This is used to determine what amount should paid to the Provider. Once all boxes of a provider shipment are sold, the vendor invoice is able to be generated.

Generating Consignment Invoices

Generating consignment invoices is a manual process and is run from the Vendor Report Section. The button is in the upper left corner.

Clicking the button Generate Provider Orders will run a process which generates provider invoices based on the final customer sale.

It is possible that after a consignment vendor invoice is created that information changes on the final customer invoice. When this happens, the calculated rate at which is paid to the provider changes. The will flag the order red and the order should be rolled back and re-generated.

Once the Consignment invoices have been genearted, the provider reports will update and it will be possible to pay the provider.

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