View Inventory Exits

Reporting for the "Flor de Baja" or Inventory Exits

Inventory Exits View

Please go to Inventory / Inventory Exits / Inventory Exits View

Via this page, all the registrations of the exits (Flor de Baja) are reported.

It's important to select a Start and End Date

Is possible to view the data by the Inventory date (date of the inventory being exited) and by Exit date (date of the actual exit).

The module Inventory Exits View contains several reports where exits can be reported with.

There are multiple ways to report the exits, please also check Inventory Reports, and select on of the "Flor de Baja" reports.

PDF Report

This report shows the amount of "Flor the Baja" for the day, it doesn't take into consideration the exact day of inventory of the bunches, only shows how many days the bunches were in the inventory.

Please select the PDF REPORT

This report only show's the EXIT DATE of the bunches!!!

Not the Inventory date.

This is the report, it shows the varieties with the specific information of each exit (Flor de Baja).

This report has the option to save (Generate button) and record the info for future checking.

To save please click on the button Generate

To check the saved reports, please go to the right sub-menu and select the option PDF LIST.

All the generated reports can be visualized in this section, the will show the day of creation and also the day that the users in charge of the exits did their job.

The report can be printed again in the Print column.

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