Supermarket Order Generation

In this manual we explain how to create and manage a Supermarket order in your Unosof application.

Create New Supermarket order:

The Supermarket module is designed to assemble boxes from the packing station without a color recipe assigned. That means no sales- or packing swap takes place. The bunches being scanned need to match certain given parameters, such as a stem-count x bunch, package type, etc, it's also necessary to set how many bunches per box are allowed to pack and how many boxes in total are needed.

The goal is to minimize the workload on the sales department to manage these types of orders and these type of orders are mostly used for large-, specific SKU- mix box orders.

To create a new Supermarket order please go to Customers / Sales / Supermarket Order Generation

Please select the following parameters to create the new Supermarket order:

These orders give full control to the S3 packers, once the following parameters are established inside the module.

1.Select the Warehouse where the bunches will come from (All Warehouses is recommended for consolidated warehouses).

2. In the filter Length, are needed to select the length or lengths that you will like to create the boxes with.

3. Please select the number of Stems per bunch in this filter.

4. In this last multi-select filter, please choose the desire Package types needed for this new PO.

5. In the Max Bunches/Box is where you input the maximum amount of bunches per box.

If the packers in the S3 don't pack all of the 10 bunches that we inputted in this example, the box will not close.

Also if the packers want to pack more bunches, the system will not let them. In this case, the box will automatically close once they finish scanning the last 10 bunch.

6. If you wish to enter a message in all the boxes, the Box Label field is the indicated place to input that message.

7. BOX CAP is the last and probably the most important filter inside this module.

Please input the total amount of boxes you will like to send to your customer in this new supermarket order.

After all the filters are being correctly set up and verified, please hit the Generate Supermarket Order button to proceed with the creation of the new purchase order.

Verify Order Creation

Please go to Customers / Sales / Search Purchase Orders to check if the order is created correctly at the end of the list.

Revise at the bottom of the list for the new PO, it will display in the color red and will be located in the middle of two blue lines.

The PO will be shown as empty, once the packers in the S3 pack the boxes the PO will be updated with the packed boxes.

Default PO settings

Depending on the farm, the PO gets created with a default customer.

Get inside the order to change the customer, date, order type, cargo agency, etc...

Cannot change the customer?

Please go to the Old PO Page using the first # that show's the PO.

The user needs to have user permissions to access the old PO page.

Once the Old PO page is selected you will see the following screen.

Is needed to delete the X inside the product description section, after hitting that button you can proceed and change the customer.

After changing the customer hit the SAVE button on the upper right side of the Old PO page, to process the change of customer.

Now you can revise the normal PO page to verify if the customer was correctly changed.

Select the second option.

Now it can be seen that the PO has the correct customer.

Packing the order (S3)

After the order is created and the customer is assigned, please tell the packers in the S3 that they can proceed with the packing of that PO.

To pack the PO, they need to get inside the PO and hit the "Nueva Caja" button.

After entering the New box, is needed to create the new box by clicking on the Save Box button.

Now the packers in the S3 can start packing the boxes based on the parameters that are given by the sales rep that created this supermarket order.

Once they start scanning the bunches, a count will start counting the bunches being added to each box.

Adjust parameters of existing order:

Please go again to the Customers / Sales / Supermarket Order Generation

Use the filter Purchase Order to input the # of the PO that you will like to modify the parameters.

After inputting the PO# please start modifying the filters to change the packing parameters.

As soon as you set up all the parameters, please hit the Generate Supermarket Order button to save the changes.

Once you hit that button the changes will be saved and in the S3 the parameters will change.

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