Rainbow bunches represent a mix of various color varieties in a single bunch. These are typically color driven and therefore the variety is lost in the individual rainbow bunch creation. Example:

100xRainbow 50CM 25ST (Represents 2500 stems packed in 25 stem bunches)

The following varieties enter into the processing area representing 2500 stems:

500 Akito Stems (white)

500 Mondial Stems (white)

500 Freedom Stems (Red)

750 Red Paris Stems (Red)

The combination being 14 Red/11 White. 14 reds will be used in the creation but on an individual bunch basis, the tracking of what variety was used in each bunch is lost. We know that it will contain some Freedom/Red Paris (reds) and some Akito/Mondial (whites) but not exact stem counts of each variety.

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