Station 1: Harvest Receiving

This is the initial process in the post-harvest, if this step is not done, the system will not show data for the varieties in some reports.

There are two ways to create inventory:

Method #1:

To access this section, please direct to Inventory, Inventory receiving, and select the option Post Harvest Receiving.

After the first step, the user will redirect to the S1 - Pre-Frío Receiving page.

Select in SELECT WAREHOUSE (Farm) the Farm in which the Mallas and Stems will be registered.

Now please choose in the BLOCKS section the Block in which the variety to be entered is located.

Please choose the following options:

Date of admission

VARIETY: This Field depends on the chosen block; if the user selects an incorrect block, it will not show some varieties; it only shows what is in the Manage Locations module.

ROUTE (if any).

And finally, the CUTTER must be selected.

Please choose: NUMBER OF MALLA being entered and the STEMS PER MALLA being entered.

Verify that the data entered on the screen is correct, in the box indicated below.

Click on the disk icon in the box (red) to Save.

The entered labels will appear on the left-upper corner of the screen, one for each Malla will be shown.

It is required to log out, please, click on the keys icon in the red box.

This will return the user to UNOSOF Home.

Method #2 - Pre-Printed barcodes:

The method of entering Malla with a unique Pre-Printed Barcode Sticker is not the most recommended by us since it can cause confusion: labels can easily fall off the Mallas or somehow they may be problems reading the code due to mesh water inside the barcode.

Go to: Inventory/Inventory Receiving S1/Post Harvest Receiving Preprint Master

You are redirected to a new section and you must select in SELECT WAREHOUSE (Farm) the Farm in which the Mala will be entered. Once you get there, follow the same steps as method #1.

Note: You must activate the new printed labels.

New Printed Label Activation

There is also the option to set reusable codes. These codes are created once and reused the next day. The codes represent a variety, a specific block and a cutter. Whenever a variety of a given block is cut by the same cutter, it reaches the fourth Pre-Frío and will be assigned the same code.

Labels must be activated to be considered as existing production.

Go to: Inventory/Inventory Receiving S1, and select Malla Activate Pre Print

When the following page pop-ups, select the Warehouse, the Farm where the mallas came from.

After selecting the farm, a new screen will appear. Once the malla comes, with the barcode scanner, read the barcode from the malla. The scanned code will appear in the box highlighted in red, BARCODE.

Note: In case a malla comes without the barcode sticker, please, contact immediately with the person in charge of generating the codes.

The first two digits identify the person who has received the Malla, followed by the unique Malla code. After registering the code, a confirmation message, OK!, will appear with the code and the name of the variety.

If the OK! message appears this means that the Malla is successfully saved.

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