Mix Box Management // Recipe Management

Its important to monitor if the mix boxes have a recipe assigned to the boxes. A recipe are the packing rules, what varieties are allowed to scan at S3 (packing station).

Reporting & Management

This page has been designed to monitor and manage the recipes for any SWAP (mix box management) PO. The goal is to see quickly whats been set and how to apply mass-changes to the recipes.

Go to: Search Purchase Orders > choose option: Mix Box Recipe Management.

Select the day you wish to search at, and hit search. A list will appear of all the PO being set with a SWAP status.

In this case, a PO got sold for 65 boxes total, in where 20 boxes were created initially with a recipe and 45 boxes without a recipe.

In order to fix those unassigned recipes for those 45 boxes, we can mass-assign a new recipe to the entire PO by selecting the recipe:

The mass-assignment we show in the section Color Group Overwrite:

The color group overrie, shows which colour-group is being assigned to all 64 boxes.

Add variety to color group

Color-Group hyperlinks, a very helpful tool to add quickly a variety to the color-group (because the farm can't scan a bunch, of a variety thats not assigned in the list). By clicking on these color-group links, you get guided directly to the color-group to add a variety to the list.

Synch Color-group

If you work with a master server structure, the colour-groups need to be synched down to the farms. Hit this button:

Mix Box Recipe Management (Box)

In the Mix Box Recipe Management (Box) page, you are able to visualize and manage the recipes for any SWAP PO in a more detailed version, i.e. box by box.

Visualize the PO detail by Box Ids, and check if boxes are assigned to a mix box recipe and a color-group.

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