Upload Bunch Inventory to Komet

Upload bunch/stem inventory - vendor availability from Unosof to Komet Sales.

It is possible to upload bunch inventory or "vendor availability" from Unosof to Komet Sales.

To access this module, go to:

Bridges / Komet Bridge https://farm.unosof.com/index.cfm?event=Bridge.Komet.List Menu: View Bunches for upload

On this page, click on the advanced filters.

The following filters are active for this module:

  • Use Inventory: Activate the switch to use the "Inventory Date" filter

  • Inventory Date: Filter by bunch date

  • Fulfillment date: This date is the date that the fulfillment team works to allocate the inventory in the KS Orders. We should calculate the rotation of the flower according to this date. For example, if this day is set to November 16th, we should calculate the rotation to this date.

  • Product: Filters varieties

  • Package: Filters package types.

Once you select the filters, click on the Search Button.

The page will display the available inventory results (Dispo) on a Komet Sales Format:

Download the file using the CSV/H option. This format removes the titles from the file, and it's a CSV file that KS accepts to upload.

Upload to the module Vendor Availability in Komet Sales.

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