Manage Markets

This section will guide the user in the creation and edition of new markets.

A market is a segment, a form of grouping clients that is really useful for reporting modules inside the UNOSOF application.

The users can assign clients, prices, products, boxes, incoterms, and many other data to a market.

Markets are advantageous to report with, let's learn more!

View Markets

Route: Customers / Customer Info / Manage Markets

The following page will load.

Create a New Market

Please click on the "New Market" button.

a new "Market" display will appear.

Please modify the "Market Priority" to # 1.

Also please direct to the "Market Name" and "Dispo Group" to change the name of the Market.

After that please hit on the save button.

The new market will appear in the Market Results section with the other created markets.

Assign boxes

Each box type can be assigned to a segment that we call "Markets".

As users might have learned, clients are also assigned to markets, that means:

When you create a purchase order, the only boxes that will show up are the ones that are assigned to the same segment.

Step 1)

Please check to which market is the client assigned to?

Please go to: Customers > Customer Info > Manage Customers

Enter to the Customer information to assign the market.

Step 2)

Please enter the market form. Go to: Customers > Customer Info > Manage Markets

Step 3)

Assign the boxes to the market by entering the tab Boxes.

All the selected boxes, shall be assigned to the market, after hitting save.

It's recommendable to only assign the boxes to a market that are needed to sell in that segment.

If the users wish to create a new box type, please go to:

Assign Priority Levels

Enter in the market form to set the market priority. Via this setting you can make one market more important than another market. Set a numeric number, hit save and refresh the manage markets view to see the new order.

After having set all the markets correctly, rebuild the priority table.

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