Mass Swap Module

On this page, you can massively replace one SKU for another across all selected boxes. This module can also be used for allocation purposes.

Home / Customers / Sales / Search Purchase Orders Menu: Mass Swap

To access the Mass Swap module, it is essential to select the following:

  • Farm Filter: Select the packing location from the boxes you like to visualize. If a farm is not selected, you will get an error message.

  • Date, PO, Customer, and Variety filters are recommended to be applied. This page has a heavy workload to process. The smaller the selection, the better and the faster to process.

Click on the Search button to display results.

The result shows all boxes according to the selected filters.

Case 1. Box Allocation

According to projections and flower availability, the allocation department re-assigns the packing location of boxes on farms with a multi-postharvest structure.

To swap the packing location of a box:

  • Select the desired post-harvest on the Location Column of every box.

  • Select either the filter Move Line Item or Keep Line Item.

MOVE LINE ITEM PH: This option moves the Sku origin inside the box and the box's packing location.

KEEP LINE ITEM:: This option keeps the previous Sku origin and ONLY moves the box's packing Location. This would generate a transfer request for that bunch with a different origin as the packing location.

  • Select the box or boxes using the select square option in the Swap Column.

  • Click on the Process Button.

  • Confirm the change

Use the mass assign option from the headers, to select all boxes.

  • Wait until the page finish loading.

  • The box you change the location doesn't show on the results anymore. Please select the farm on the filters to visualize it.

Case 2. SKU Swap

There are multiple ways of how mass-swapping a product within this module. Learning the functionality of some filters is essential to do the swaps correctly.

IGNORE SWAP VALUES: This option ignores the set value input fields and fully swaps the selected item in the box for the swapped item. I.e., if 5 bunches are in the box, it swaps 5 of the from product to 5 of the TO product.

RESPECT SWAP VALUES: This option will take the value of the "from," reduce the count by that, and add the value of the "to" product.

ALL PRODUCTS: It shows all active SKUs from Manage Products on the "Product to Swap To" Dropdown menu.

FILTER ON PRODUCT FROM: It filters and suggests the SKUs on the "Product to Swap To" Dropdown menu. It identifies the SKU to swap from and shows a list with the exact stem count, cut stage, and package type.

After selecting the filters, we are ready to make the product swap.

  • Select the PRODUCT TO SWAP FROM; this SKU list corresponds only to the SKUs from the current content.

  • Select the PRODUCT TO SWAP TO; this list shows the SKU list depending on the filter applied (All products / Filter on Products from).

  • Check the boxes in which you want to replace the products.

  • Click on the blue button, Process.

  • Accept the alert message to confirm.

  • Finally, to the page to process the modification.

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