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Upload Customer Pricing

Here we explain how to manage pricing for your customers. Our pricing module has several functionalities such as creating pricing sheets per customer, minimum pricing check and negotiation rates.

Managing Price Sheets per Customer

Every price-sheet can be linked to a purchase order, availability sheet (dispo's) and the webshop.
This is the primary page for creating, editing and viewing the customer pricing sheets:
Home / Customers / Pricing / Customer Pricing Management https://farm.unosof.com/index.cfm?event=Product.Pricing.Customer.Upload
It is possible to assign more than one price sheet for the same customer and it also possible to assign a price sheet to several customers.
Customer Pricing Management

Create New Customer Price Sheet

To create a new customer price sheet, download the Excel file by clicking the CSV(,) or the CSV(;) button in the upper left corner of the page.
The file format depends on the configuration of your Excel sheet.
Download buttons
Open the downloaded excel file and input the desired prices for every variety and length, in the Stem Price column, as shown on the image below, and save your file in your PC.
Customer Pricing Sheet
Do not delete any columns or rows, nor edit names or lengths from the excel file.
The items that require a price, come from the field Commercial Name in Manage products. Its possible to cluster many SKU's into one line item to price, learn more at Manage Products.
Return to the Unosof Customer Pricing Management module and open your saved file, by clicking on the Choose file button in the upper right corner.
Choose File Button
Find your file in your PC
Upload the file to the system by clicking on the Upload file button in the upper left corner of the screen.
Upload File Button
This will bring up a format to add the price sheet details:
  • Market: Select for whom is this price sheet is activated. You can select all customers from a market or markets.
  • Customer: Apply this price sheet to a customer, or a group of customers.
  • Price Sheet Name: Name your price sheet as desired (Valentines, Summer 2020, OM prices, etc)
  • Price Range Min: Negotiation range from the price input. Price - Negotiation range min= Minimum acceptable price to sell a variety. Prices below this calculation cannot be invoiced)
  • Price Range Max: Negotiation range from the price input. Price + Negotiation range max=Maximum price acceptable to sell a variety. Prices above this calculation cannot be invoiced.
After setting the Pricing Sheet details, save it to the system by clicking the Process File button in the upper right side of the page.
Price Sheet details

Editing an Existing Customer Price Sheet

To edit an existing customer price sheet:
  • Pricing Sheet Name: To change the name of an existing sheet
  • Status: To activate or in-activate a price sheet.
  • Default: To choose between yes or no. If you choose yes, this price sheet will default when creating a new purchase order.
  • Price Range Min: To edit negotiation range from the price input. (Price - Negotiation range min)
  • Price Range Max: To edit negotiation range from the price input. (Price + Negotiation range min)
  • CSV(,) or CSV (;): To download the pricing sheet to an excel file.
  • Edit: Opens a window, which allows you to edit prices of a specific variety/length without the need to upload the whole sheet again.
Edit Button Customer Pricing Sheet
  • Copy: To copy the prices into a price sheet. Here you copy this pricing to customers in a market or markets; or to a customer or group of customers, as well as edit the Pricing Sheet Name.
Copy Button Customer Price Sheet
  • Delete: To delete an existing pricing sheet. However, if the price sheet its assigned to more than one PO, we do not allow the deletion of the Price Sheet. You can change the Status of it from Active to In-Active as described above

Master Server Synch Pricing

In case you have a master server structure, its necesary to synch the pricesheet down to the farms via the synch module, to be found here:
Synch Data > Synch Pricesheets
PO page // Pricing will only show up on the PO page, if the pricesheet is synched down to the farms.