Invoice Purchase Order

By generating a purchase order, the system generates the Commercial and Customer invoice. You can enter the invoice format via the following path.

Go go: search purchase orders and click onthe invoice ID to enter in the invoice form.

The invoice format, looks as follows:

Inside the customer form, you see a resume of all the items been bought and its prices. But, the most important thing here, is the oppertunity to generate custom made invoice formats. Those you can generate, download and sent to your customer. By sending those, you create a true partnership and commercial value, because your customer shall be able to read of use that digital information.

Customer Invoice

Inside the customer invoice, you can find a couple of formats to use. Currently you can only generate and download them, and not sent them automatically via a manage customer setting thru the sistem. However, doing this job, generates true commercial value. For instance, certain format your customer can upload in his platform, like Florisoft, and will be used to feed his web-shop with. As UNOSOF, we strong recommend to contact your customer to establish API's integrations wth UNOSOF (, instead of sending personalized cvs, excel or pdf formats. But, we understand this is a very traditional industry in where these extra tools are still very appreciated.

Digital Invoice (CSV)

This format is much used by customers in Europe who use Florisoft as their platform.

This button, will download a CSV file, which can be found directly in a folder on your computer.

If you openup this file, you shall be able to see the following format:

The product codes, also known as Holland Codes, come from manage products, API Mapping. Those need to be mapped in order to make this file work well for your customer.

Commercial Invoice

Regenerate Invoice Content

Enter the invoice format, and click on the little recycle circle.

This little button, will update the PDF content. After this, you have to clean cache or openup the PDF with ?23434 written behind the link in order to see the changes being applied to the PDF Invoice. The thing is, once you opened up an invoice pdf, your machine shall memorize that link and store the image. That means that if you re-open up the exact same link, you machine shall recognize the link, and give you the exact same stored image... while, changed did got applied to it. In order to see these changes, you have to whipe out the old one from your browser memory (clean cache) or make the link unique to see a refreshed result. The quickest way is to write behind the link a ? and time whatever and hit enter to re-call the result.

modified link to get a new invoice result after regenerating the invoice via the circle:

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