Compare Reports for Multi-App Companies

Customers who buy and sell through trading companies can automate their financial flow management with UNOSOF. Our objective to automate financial structures is to optimize resources dedicated to AR management, simplify processes, and minimize input mistakes. The alternative to centralized management is to input every PO, invoice, deposit, and debit/credit note in each application, independently.

To automate a financial flow UNOSOF requires a master structure to centralize invoicing and AR(deposits, credits, and debits). This type of structure would make remote calls of different data sets between all companies involved to compare and feed UNOSOF management modules with.

Multi Apps companies maintain complex financial structures and there may be time-outs, synch processes, or human errors that can result in differences. We recommend always checking the compare reports at least once a month to keep smooth control over your balances. These compare reports are the perfect set of tools to report, identify, and analyze differences that result from the management of deposits.

Check the following compare reports that describe certain scenarios that can possibly occur.

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