Email Multiple Invoices

In this module, its possible to mass-sent customer invoices to clients.

go to: Customers > Customer Service > Email Multiple Invoices.

Here you can use some filters, and mass sent the invoices to your customers. Each email can sent out a Customer Invoice in PDF format and a JSON file (digital invoice). Its an easy, powerfull module, to sent out all the invoices at once to your customer(s).

Email Multiple Invoices // Status Colors

There are some different statuses to make sure that we email only 1x the invoice to the customer. What do the colors mean?

Green = already been sent, and not checkmarked to sent out again. However, if wished, you can manually checkmark the select box and sent it out again.

Yellow = An invoiced PO, not been sent to the customer yet. Unosof auto-check marks those invoices to sent out.

Gray = Not invoiced yet, and no PDF & JSON file can be sent out, which is why we show a red box.

Exclude JSON file from Email.

There are customers, who do not want to receive the JSON file. By default, any customer is set to receive one, but its possible via manage customers to de-activate the JSON file generation.

Verify & Search Emails Sent out by UNOSOF

Go to: Reports > Search Emails sent.

Use the date filters, the customer filter and the email type filter for a quick and detailed result.

There is a little icon that you can hit to see the actual email in View. If you click on that, the following popup will show up, that indicates the exact content.

As you can see, the blue links, are the files being attched, which you can also open up and verify.

API Posting Verification.

For some integrations we've established, we show also in the module Email Multiple Invoices if an email got sent out. UNOSOF captures the receiving message from the party who receives the files and shows the timing and message in this module.

FreshPortal Posting Verification

This tells you the date and time stamp, when freshpostal sents UNOSOF the message. The message received, we display. In this case: RESPONSE: {"success":1}

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