Mixed Box Management

Here we explain how to manage mix boxes within UNOSOF. A Mix Box is a pre-defined box, which product can be swapped/replaced in the packing station (S3) according to a given criteria.

Managing and Viewing Mixed Boxes

This is the primary page for managing and viewing Mix Boxes within Unosof:

Home / Inventory / Inventory Management / Mix Box Management https://farm.unosof.com/index.cfm?event=Inventory.MixedBox.List

From this page, you are able to search existing Mixed Boxes using various filters such as Box Name, Markets, Customers, Warehouse, Species, Variety, Package type, Length, Stems/Bunch, Weight, Box Type, among others.

Clicking the search button will search based on the criteria provided.

Delete a Mixed Box

Because a Mixed Box information is tied to past exportations and order information, we do not allow the deletion of a Mixed Box

You can change the Status of a Mixed Box from Active to In-Active or to Deleted which removes it from select options in different parts of the site.

To Delete an existing Mixed Box, click on the Mixed Box Name (underlined in blue) to open up the form.

Change the Status to In-Active or Deleted and save changes clicking on the Save Button.

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