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Search Purchase Orders

This module gives a complete overview of purchase orders (POs) created in UNOSOF. A PO is a document between buyer and seller which indicates product, quantities, and agreed prices.
This is the primary page for editing and viewing Purchase Orders
Home / Customers / Sales / Search Purchase Orders https://farm.unosof.com/index.cfm?event=PurchaseOrders.List
From this page, you are able to search existing Purchase Orders using various filters such as:
Start and End Date: This date is based on the PO creation date. Purchase Order: Here we can enter the internal PO ID.
Invoice number: In this filter, we can search POs by the Unosof invoice ID
Box ID: Search POs by the specific Box ID
Box ID
Customer: Purchase orders can be searched by the customer billing assigned to those POs by using this filter.

Account Rep Filter: This filter is extremely useful