Create SKU's GYP

In this page we can see how to create SKU's for gyp

For this example, we are going to create an SKU for GYP.

Example: TEST 1000GR 25ST 5 bunches, 125 stems, QB GYP

First, we need to make a copy of an existing Gyp SKU that is similar to the one we are going to create.

Replace the name of the SKU and save.

Create the compound with the correct variety with the # of stems that is requested.

After de compound is created a Synch to the farm must be done.

Adding the number of stems into the Packing Rates

Once the SKU is synchronized to the farm, please go to the Product Packing Rates module.

Is needed to upload the new packing rates in MASTER and FARM applications.

First is necessary to select the variety we are going to input the stems.

After selecting the variety, is fundamental to select the 3erd option Update by Item/Lenght/Qty Box.

Now is possible to download the file depending on the configuration of your Excel.

Once the file is downloaded is possible to input the stems of that specific SKU.

Please use the STEMS HB GYP or the STEMS QB GYP columns to enter this information, depending on if is HB or QB the requirement.

Now is necessary to upload the file in Master and Farm applications.

Click on "Choose File" and select the packing rate file you just updated.

After selecting the file please hit the button Upload File.

A new screen will appear Packing Rate Table, please revise the information and after revising that everything is correct, press the Process File button.

Please repeat the same upload in the farm application.

Refresh box inventories:

After adding the packing rates in the master and farm applications, please go to the Search Inventory module.

In that module, please first hit the Refresh Box Inventory button.

After the refresh is done, please now hit the Refresh Box Product Inventory.

This process must be done in MASTER and FARM applications

Once the refreshes are done in master and farm, please verify on the PO page if the SKU is correctly created.

Please select the Box Product List option to see the Gyp SKU's

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