In this module, it's possible to manage your defaults to filters and functions in UNOSOF.

Default Cut-Stage Filters

Hit search to find all the properties that exist in UNOSOF. After that, type in the search bar custage to shrink the list. UNOSOF manages 2 cutstage filter default settings, one for the PO page and other for S2. In order to default the custage to the correct option, please copy (and find) your cutstage GU ID in Select Options.

Enter in the form, select in TYPE, Text and Paste the correct GU ID in the VALUE field.

Reload APP

Once the properties are set, please reload the app by pasting the following text in the link address bar of your browser behind the link your at: &fwreinit=draw4

Follow these steps:

Step 1) set your cursor behind the link address

Step 2) paste the following text behind the link address

Step 3) put your cursor at the end of the link address and click enter to fire the script.

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