Returned Boxes

Sometimes boxes come back from the cargo agency that were dropped off the day before. How would that process work in UNOSOF?

Every farm has its own process to administrate the data of returned boxes. Here we explain the credit note solution and a more practical solution.

Credit Notes

It would be correct to process a credit note for the client, but how practical is that? Here we discuss the pro's and con't of a credit note for returned flowers.

The credit note keeps track of the original data. You keep track of how many flowers got returned (reportable per customer via credit reports), you keep track of the sales data (although the flowers got returned, the sales effort was made correctly) and the balances of the client are managed correctly. The negative side or processing credit notes is the administration, the extra workload to document a credit notes has a cost assigned. There's also a consequence in case that you wish to resell those flowers. For track and tracing purposes, UNOSOF locks all the data to the purchase order, that includes the barcodes of the box- and bunch ID's. As the existing barcode cannot be used, we need to process new barcodes for the bunches that you wish to resell. The effort to relabel those bunches is extra workload and adds cost to the operation.

Credit notes allow to sell the same bunch, twice. Ask yourself the question if you want this for sales reports? If not, use the "Practical solution".

Practical solution

A more practical solution is to void (rollback) the invoice of the purchase orders.

pageRollback Customer Invoice

This makes it possible to re-use the barcode ID's of the boxes and bunches. When the purchase order is no longer invoiced, there are two commercial options:

1) resell the entire box to a different purchase order (move boxes).

pageMove boxes

It's only possible to resell the entire box when all the bunches the quality control.

If you move PACKED BOXES (green lines), inform the post-harvest which BOX ID's you're moving, packed boxes need to get relabeled!

The move boxes option is an efficient way of working, as the box does does not need to get repacked. However, a returned box is not visible in inventory, therefor communication is required between post-harvest and sales.

2) unpack the box to release the content of the box back into inventory (S3 > unpack). This provides the option to resell or exit the bunches.

This option provides a lot of flexibility (bunches can be resold in any new composition) and is a very clear and clean process. Communication between post-harvest and sales is nice to have (makes sales aware that those flowers need to get resold), but is not as required as inventory will automatically returns into inventory after unpacking the box.

Bunches that do not pass the quality control need to get exited, under the reason: returned bunches. This provides good reporting.

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