Manage Locations

Here we explain how to build up and manage warehouses, naves, blocks and beds.

Before you can start to edit data (such as varieties) in the beds, plesae make sure that the needed variety is been created in Manage Products.

Please go to:

pageManage Products

Only SKU's that are been set as Manufactured will be selectable.

Create Blocks, Naves and Beds

Please go to to the Location Management > Manage Locations module.

It is advisable to make proper use of the filters to find the specific blocks, naves and beds where the users wish to plant the variety.

It is important to select one Location at a time.

After selecting the correct filters, please hit on the search button.

The page will provide the information of the field plan according to the filters that were selected.

Create Block

Now please direct to the New Block button and hit it, to create the new block.

That button is located in the Warehouse line.

A new screen called "Localidad Bloque HISTORY" will appear.

Three important fields must be filled and checked up:

Number Block: is the number assigned to that block.

Number of Etapa: Is the section of the Block.

Active? must always be selected to YES.

After revising these aspects please click on the SAVE BLOCK button.

The new block will appear in a clear yellow color.

Create Nave

After creating the block please now click on the New Lot button, to create the new Nave.

Now a new screen called "Localidad Bloque Nave HISTORY" will appear.

Please fill in all the information in the lines marked with a 1 in the picture.

After filling in all the information please hit the SAVE NAVE button.

The new nave will be shown in green color.

Create BED

After creating the nave, the final part of the process is to create the bed.

Click on the blue button "New Bed"

A new screen "LOCALIDAD:BLOQUE: - NAVE: - CAMA: ACTUAL" will appear.

Please fill in the information required.

Hit the save button.

The new bed will appear in a white color.

Copy BED's

This is a faster way of creating a bed.

Please search for an existing bed to copy the parameters.

Click on the COPY button.

A new screen "LOCALIDAD:BLOQUE: - NAVE: - CAMA: ACTUAL" will appear.

Assing the Bed number according to what is needed (if you copy the last bed, you should assign the number that follows the copied bed number)

Please modify the Variety field to the variety chosen to be in this bed.

Enter all the information required for this bed.

Please hit the SAVE BED button to finish the process.

The new bed will appear in a white color.

Mass Edit Location Data

As editing a field plan can take some time, we have built tools to mass manage data. These tools are not only helpful to correct current data but especially historical data.

It is possible to make a selection, and mass edit (adjust) the values of each bed via the following tool: Edit Location SQM. This would adjust your m2's of your field-plan, or change a variety massively in case of a change.

We recommend to create a variety VACIO and PATRON. When a variety gets pulled out (eradicated), it is kind of unfair to apply the yearly cost per m2 straight to the new variety.

As the beds will be empty, plant the variety VACIO, once the patron are been planted in the field, plant PATRON, and once the REAL variety is planted on top of the patron, plant the NEW variety. In that way, we take snapshots of how many m2 the OLD, VACIO, PATRON and NEW variety have been in the field. Especially when you know the yearly cost per M2, its important to administrate this well, in order that you know how much empty (VACIO) non productive land cost, how many USD x M2 your varieties actually perform, etc.

Edit Location SQM (M2)

It is possible to make a selection, and mass edit (adjust) the values of each bed via the following tool: Edit Location SQM. This would adjust your m2's of your field-plan.

Mass Edit Beds

The same counts for other values, like variety data.

Via this page, it is also possible to edit HISTORY data. As indicated, UNOSOF takes automatically every week a snapshot (like a picture), to calculate an average m2 with per variety per year. It is therefor very important to manage this well, and in case that a snapshot you wish to adjust has been taken, please first filter the exact history date via the following filter: SAVE THRU.

Mass Edit History Data

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