Sunburst Farms Integration

Here, we explain a Buyer Integration between Sunburst Farms / Komet and Unosof.

Unosof has integrated with the customer Sunburst Farms via Komet Sales in 3 levels:

  • Purchase Order Integration (Komet --> Unosof)

  • Box Information for the unified dispatch label (S3)

  • AWB Posting (Unosof -->Komet)

Generate Komet Sales Token and grant access to the APIs

Token with the following API permissions is required:

carrier.list boxtype.list vendor.list customer.list product.list purchaseorder.order.list purchase.order.item.awb.add

Map Data

It's necessary to map species, varieties, SKUs, Mixed boxes, Sunburst Billing Customers, Sunburst Shipping Customer, Cargo Agencies, Carriers, Box Types, Order Types, Incoterms, etc.

Using some of the APIs described above, Unosof can access the Komets Sales tables, store that data, and automatically map some variables in the Unosof tables.

Sunburst Order Integration

Unosof calls the API that Komet has provided to get all orders input in their system and create them in Unosof with a Synch functionality.

Unosof calls the API and filters Sunburst Orders for the farms with the following technical criteria:

  • Vendor Name: Example FLORA CONCEPT

  • “Status: Confirmed

  • Define in which box type the Order Creation should be done.

To access this module, go to:

Reports / Accounting Reports

Select the "Komet Orders (Sunburst)" option in the dropdown menu.

Select a date on the "Start Date" filter and hit "Generate Report" (Green Button). It's not possible to select more than one day range.

This search will show you all orders created in Komet on that specific date.

In this table, you will find all the information Komet Sales sends to Unosof via the API (JSON File).

To synch and create the order in Unosof, click on the "S" Button under the Synch Column and click again on the "Generate Report" button to refresh the page.

The order gets created in Unosof.

The table gives a general overview of the PO created (Date, PO ID, # Boxes, # Mapped Boxes, and amount in $).

Important: The box content should be mapped to synch an order from Komet to Unosof. We consider a box to be mapped when it relates one or more products from Komet to SKUs in Unosof. We use a box code or reference for every box recipe.

See Data Mapping: Mixed boxes.

We create the order and set the customers according to the Info we receive via the API. To see this info, click on the JSON button on the Sunburst report:

LocationName: Sunburst Farms Warehouse #1 --> Sunburst Farm Inc as Billing and Shipping Customer.

Posting Issues: how to fix?

Please check the box mapping if a PO cannot be created in UNOSOF.

Box Information for the Unified S3 Label

Once Unosof receives the Purchase Orden information from Komet Sales, it's also necessary to get the Box information to generate the Unified S3 label with all the info.

For this, Komet should change the status from C to S in the orders on their system so we can get the Box information via the API.

The user should generally do the process in Station 3 to print the box stickers.

This sticker is only enabled for the Sunburst Purchase Orders.

AWB Posting

When boxes are dispatched, Komet Sales requires that Unosof posts the AWBs to their system.

For Excellence and Wayuu, the E-Flower /Fdim System does the coordination.

Unosof needs to receive the AWBs from Fdim via movements.

To pass the AWBs from Unosof to Komet, Fdim must confirm which AWB is the final one via each box's "Cierre de Guia" movement. Without receiving this movement, Unosof doesn't send AWB info to Komet.

To check the movements, please go to the "Log" Page in every Purchase Order, to the "Resume Log" tab.

The AWB post is automated for every 10 minutes. So, once we receive the "Cierre de Guia" Movement, it posts directly to Komet Sales without any manual process.

It is possible to post the AWBs manually if needed. For this, please go to the Accounting Sunburst report.

On the table, find the order you wish to post the AWBs and hit the blue button "Post AWB."

This will open a new window where it's possible to verify the status of the AWB posting.

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