Here we explain how to setup, manage and maintain API's via UNOSOF's APIDOCS. Instructions should be given to customers by the farm for integration possibilities using

Manage API's

To establish an integration with your customer, for GET availability, POST purchase orders and GET Invoices, a couple of parameters need to be configured well in Manage Customers, Manage Users and Manage permissions. These kinds of settings, mostly are managed by your IT / Project manager who's responsible for these settings in UNOSOF, please contact and/or ask UNOSOF for help.

Pass your customer who you wish to integrate with the following links:

GET Inventory (dispos),

POST Purchase Orders,

GET Invoices,

1) Manage Users

Each customer yo who you wish to integrate needs a Token. This is how you create a token, go to Manage Users, and hit Add new User.

Once you've hit Add new user, the User form will open up, manage the following settings.

Pass the Token to your customer.

If you no longer wish to give access to your data to a customer and cut the API off, please set the customer In-Active.

2) Manage Customers

To make sure that the dataset you're publishing, such as an Availability with pricing (Dispo's), can be customized, it is important to insert an API Code (can be any unique letter combination) for your customer to call any limited dataset. This letter combination needs to be given to your customer.

Find your customer, and insert it in the Customer Form.

Inside the customer form, go to API/Providers, in there insert a unique letter combination for the Availability (Dispo) that you wish to use for your customer.

Pass the letter combination to your customer.

3) Manage Permissions

For the customer to call the right datasets, permissions need to be set correctly. Decide what kind of integration level you wish to establish, and set the permissions as follows.

Go to: manage permissions, select your customer, and hit search permissions.

Once you open the permission form set the following permissions for each level of integration.

GET Invoices, no permissions are needed to set.

GET availability, ecom permissions need to be set as follows: type ecom in the search bar, and give FULL permission to the entire list, like this example:

POST Purchase Orders, via the ecom permissions, the customer can automatically place orders back to UNOSOF.

Once the 3 items are set, pass the API links of API docs to your customer, with his token and his unique letter combination to pull availabilities Dispo's, post orders and pull invoices.

Availability (Dispo) Builder

Build your Custom Availability (Dispo), adjust the stock you wish to publish, assign and edit prices to the items (can be done via a Custom Price-sheet assignment), and most importantly, add the unique letter combination to the availability (Dispo) before activating.

Assign and activate

Build your availability (Dispo), Insert the Letter Code of the customer, and Activate it to publish.

Knowledge & Best Practice Tips

Once you've inserted the Letter Code and Activated the Dispo, your customer can call that data any time, expose it (sell it) and shoot automatically POs back to UNOSOF until no more availability is left. The availability deducts automatically, in real-time, from any demand source.

That means: Any other demand (sales to other customers) also gets automatically live deducted from the Availability (Dispo). The source of Inventory is sitting at the farm, not at the customer. We recommend the customer always Re-Call the Availability before confirming their checkout process and shooting a PO back to UNOSOF, just to make sure we don't oversell or have to cancel.

Make Daily a New Availability Sheet to publish, especially before you go home. As we know, Europe, Asia, and Australia sell at night, it is secure and beautiful to walk in the next morning and some boxes got sold.

The strongest thing about establishing integrations is to have MORE sales exposure, without selling a single box at the store of your customer(s).

Integrations always add STRONG commercial value to a customer relationship, which results in TRUE partnership.

Don't be scared of cherry-picking, it is always possible to contact your customer. The box that got sold, got sold because of a specific wish and/or need of a customer of his, she is not tight up to negotiate with you for additionals. Call him, educate him, and move on.

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