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In this article, you will find all the system settings related to inventory generated in Unosof and how to manage them.

Go to: Accounting / Accounting Administration / Inventory Info

Use Priority

When this setting is set to YES, the system will follow the priority order set in Priority Management for the distribution of flowers across the purchase orders.

This rule of distribution is directly linked to the Priority Packing // Box Confirmation. The order in which boxes can be confirmed depends on the priority given to certain days, markets, and customers

Priority Days Setting

This setting allows you to set how far out, Boxes are confirmable in the priority packing module.

All inventory after the cut shall be applied to before the cut. That makes it possible to confirm and pack more boxes.

However, that also relates to the fact that any demand created after the cut is no longer protected. This setting is mainly built to speed up the confirming and packing process.

Do not set this further out than the oldest aging being set that is allowed to export, which is set in the life-spand module.

It is a logical fact that a box can never be confirmed further out than the Life-Span of the product being applied.

Speed up the Priority Packaging Page

The further out this is set, the more boxes the system has to loop through to calculate the result (the more time it takes to come back with a result).

The shorter this is set, the quicker the calculation list, and the faster the result will appear.

We recommend setting this out as far as you pre-pack boxes.

If you only pre-pack boxes two days out, why set this at 5? It is about: How far off do you pre-pack.

This setting is ALL related to confirming boxes, which allow people to pack.

As explained earlier, the relation to protecting future orders and the Order Protection Days (which can be managed per SKU or globally) are strongly related.

Although Order Protection Days and Priority Days are independent management settings in the system, we strongly recommend ALWAYS setting those equally. If the priority days out are set shorter than the order protection, it can happen that available is not available to sell from the live inventory, but once taken, that demand is entirely confirmable. That does not match any policy, but we want to make things confirmable and pack on certain occasions, although there is nothing available to sell. That is where this setting is built for: Speed.

Swap packing

Swap packing allows us to bypass the box confirmation process for mix box packing.

Hide Zero Day Inventory

By using this section, farms can choose whether to include "Zero-day" inventory in their daily availability.

Having "Active" the "Hide Zero Day Inventory" is also possible while managing a timeframe. Therefore, "Flor del día" should be hidden from sales.

"Flor del día" will be applied to the inventory at any time before or after these hours have been set. Therefore, all the bunches generated in between the timeframe set up are hidden from sales.

Tip: Most farms create 4 pm availabilities (Dispos) for next-day shipments. As those Purchase Orders leave the farm the day after, the zero-day inventory should be 1 day old on the day of delivery. Therefore, it is better to include "Flor del día" in these availabilities.

SO/OM Packing Aging Check

By using this section, the software ensures correct order fulfillment with FIFO (first in, first out), helping to maintain an ideal stock rotation and lower the costs of outdated inventory.

If this field is set to YES, the farm data manager should make sure the lifespan for varieties or SKU is correctly set. Learn more at Product Inventory Life.

Hour Extension to Extend Confirmation Day

During high seasons, generally, there is a huge quantity of purchase orders to be processed. Sometimes, there is not sufficient time to confirm some of those orders on the same day because the flowers are not processed yet. It's possible to keep the boxes on the priority confirmation page on the previous day to confirm.

This function has pros and Con's, and needs more investigation to see if we actually keep this in our system or not. Unosof is a SaaS solution that works closely together with its customers and who listens well to the customer's needs. This tool has been developed for a specific customer and got built quickly without investigating any consequences. But sometimes, we say: let's try to reach the top of a mountain together and see how we can we go. Maybe we reach the top.

In most cases, it's possible that customer feedback results in very good and powerful solutions. However, this project needs a lot more attention to make it work as instructed in a desired and effective way. Therefore, for now, we suggest not using this function, but we feel responsible for documenting the goal, pros and cons behind this concept and to maybe able to reach our goals together by completing this one day.

Remember: This extension only applies to the priority confirmation page in search purchase orders. It does not change the PO date.

This extension does not apply to the actual aging of the flowers and inventory (view inventory). This extension does not change the PO date. It keeps the PO (demand) in the same day. That effect could have a wished or unwished effect on the truck invoice, which normally should correspond to the delivery date (PO date). This extension does not put the PO's into the next day in the coordination page. This extension does not put the PO's into the next day on S3, the PO's can be found on the PO's date.

The best thing to do, is to mass move the incomplete PO's / Boxes, to the next day in order that all the coordination, flower aging (demand vs supply), view inventory, confirmation process and packing process flows well and to extent the lifespan of the flowers with 1 day to avoid flor de baja.

Set the number of hours you want the day to be extended and click on Save.

The idea of setting a number in this option is to extent the hours of the previous day and confirm purchase orders without any problem. For example, if 3 is set and the current time is 2:00 am, the time will go back to 11:00 pm of the previous day.

This function sets the time back in order to visualize the boxes on the previous hours. However, this function does not set back the creation time of the inventory that's been generated. It's possible that a box is confirmed or confirmable until 12 am; however, if we jump into the next day, the inventory becomes older (+1). If the aging lifespan of the applied inventory to the box is good to use for the next day, the box remains confirmable or confirmed. However, if a bunch of the applied inventory to the box is sitting on its last rotation day, the bunch would no longer be valid the next day. That means the box would be incomplete, and UNOSOF shall automatically unconfirm the box. The solution would be to extend the lifespan of that SKU/Item/Inventory by +1 day.

Auto-pack functions

During high seasons, farms have to cope with many bunches to generate and boxes to pack, which takes a long time to process. This option allows generating bunches and packing boxes automatically.

Click on YES in S2 Autopack if it is desired to generate bunches and the box packing to be automatic.

Click on YES in S3 Autopack if it is desired to generate bunches and the box packing to be automatic.

Once at least one of the auto pack functions is activated, go to manage customers and search for the desired customer.

In the CUSTOMER INFO section, go to the Auto-Pack Option and choose YES. Finally, press the SAVE button.

Don't forget to sync if you have several UNOSOF applications.

Go to: Home / System Admin / Synch Data

and click on Customers to sync the new customer change over all UNOSOF applications.

Check if the change has been made correctly in the below link

pageAuto-Pack Function

Downgrade Block on S3?

Activating this option makes the system block an SKU with a downgrade request to be scanned in S3 until the process is completed. It helps to pack the correct bunch with the correct characteristics.

In the Inventory Info section, place the Downgrade Block on S3? Option and set to YES. Finally, press the SAVE button.

Maximum Days Edit Packaging

This setting works for stations 2 and 3. The number of days entered in this field will be the maximum days back in time that data from stations 2 and 3 can be registered in Unosof.

For instance, if this field is set to 0, station 2 will only allow the user to register bunches with the current day in the date filter.

If the filter is set to 1, station 2 will only allow the user to register bunches from yesterday's date onwards, and so on.

Max Days in Inventory

In that field, you must set the desired number of days of rotation.

5-7 Days in inventory is recommended.

Take into account that the rotation days of each variety must not exceed Max Days in Inventory.

Max Days Edit Receiving

This setting works for station 1 and Flor national.

Sometimes, it is needed to enter national flower production from days back.

This need arises when for logistical reasons the postharvest was not able to register all mallas and national flowers when they actually arrived at the postharvest.

5-8 Days is recommended, but the users with this permission are able to do this option with a good time frame back.

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