FLORIST TRANSWORLD DELIVERIES. UNOSOF is an approved platform that is capable to communicate with the FTD's platform. We can pull orders (all content), post back order status and Fedex tracking ID's.

FTD Setup Requirements

FTD Token

Please, require from FTD your API key/Vendor key, and supply that to UNOSOF. After that, FTD will put your account in QA environment (a test environment) where they can put test orders, and we can play with (pull and post information between UNOSOF and FTD back and forward). Once everything goes well, you shall receive a message from FTD that they can put you in the production environment.

FTD Delivery & Cutoff Schedule

Please coordinate with FTD your delivery schedule.

Before you do this, understand well what their terminology is about dates. #date-filter


FTD will supply SKU's names. Those FTD SKUs (box units) are different from the UNOSOF SKUs (bunch units). Make use of the Mix Box Management module to build and map FTD SKUs (box units) in UNOSOF.

For the creation of the box, please, follow the described steps in the following link Mix Box Management // create mix box.

Please, take into consideration the following parameters when the mixed box is being created.

A. Customer: Billing and shipping customers should FTD corresponding client created in UNOSOF

B. Warehouse: It's essential that the created mix box in UNOSOF has assigned 1 packing location (that COULD be, the allocation warehouse).

Once the box is created, you can map out the IDs of FDI with those created boxes in UNOSOF. Insert the FTD product ID in the option Product Code.

FTD Billing & Shipping Customer

Provide UNOSOF with the corresponding FTD billing and shipping customer names created inside the UNOSOF system. It will define which client to assign in the creation of the purchase orders in the UNOSOF system.

FTD Shipping Method.

Define with FTD which party takes care of the shipment of the FTD orders (boxes) from the farm to the final customer. FTD allows/gives the option, that the farm ships the FTD orders (boxes) via their own FedEx or UPS account. It's also optional that FTD takes care of that process. Any choice made, please communicate that to UNOSOF (it's important to set up the pulling or posting API for the tracking IDs well).

FTD Empty Customer Message

#ftd-shipping-method.The empty customer message is only needed to define if the farm (provider) is responsible for the shipments (FedEx / UPS). Otherwise, FTD will pass the standard empty customer message to UNOSOF.

Define with FTD what standard customer message UNOSOF can display and possibly pass via a plane file to the FedEx / UPS system in case FTD passes an order (box) without a gift message.


Please go to: Reports/ Accounting Reports

Select the option FTD Orders from the dropdown menu. This would be the page where the UNOSOF manages FTD orders.

FTD Orders Page Explanation

The page displays orders' information from FTD APIs. Below, we explain the most important column to consider when reading the page.

Columns coming from FTD APIs

Status: it presents the order status in FTD.

vendor Order Number is the order FTD number

Delivery Date is when the final customer receives the order(box).

Cut off Date is the deadline time for any modification made from FTD.

Vendor SKU is FTD's SKU IDs(box unit), equivalent to a box in UNOSOF.

Columns coming from UNOSOF

Unosof Product is analogous to the FTD product(Vendor SKU) in UNOSOF.

Ship Date is the UNOSOF PO date.

Select, Ack, Reject, Print and Track columns are the management button of the page.

FTD Get Orders

UNOSOF pulls orders from FTD by hitting the button Generate Reports.

Please, select the option NEW of the filter FTD Status to see new coming orders, only. New orders can be acknowledged(Ack) or rejected(Reject).

New orders will continue appearing if they have not been acknowledged or rejected.

Any Acknowledged or rejected order no longer appears in FTD's Get Order API.

Warning: In case the product does not exist in UNOSOF a message MAP PRODUCT will appear and cannot be acknowledged until the product is mapped.

FTD Order grouping

An FTD order is most likely a box. but, it can contain multiple boxes. however FTD is a B2C platform, a customer of FTD will most likely buys just one box at the time. Unosof can cluster multiple orders from FTD into 1 PO, thats grouped by delivery date, in that way, we shall be able to ship hundreds of FTD boxes in 1 PO with 1 coordination and 1 invoice for FTD.

FTD Post Order Status

FTD acknowledge

A NEW order can be acknowledged by clicking the ACK green button, column ACK. It will send the updated status to FTD.

FTD reject orders

To reject and order, go to the column Reject and click on the white box located below the trash cabin icon. You can choose the reason of the rejection.

Then, hit the trash cabin icon to reject the order. It post the status update in FTD. Once is rejected, the order turns red.

An acknowledged order can be rejected.

An rejected order cannot be acknowledged.

FTD Cancellation Acknowledgement

The final customer can cancel an order until the cut-off date, column Cut Off. In this case, FTD will send the updated status of the order, CANCELLED, to UNOSOF.

You must acknowledge this cancellation by hitting the ACK green button.

It will send the update to FTD and will show as CANCEL_ACKNOWLEDGED in the columns Status, once refreshed the page.

FTD Print Status

The status Printed of an order is when the order is frozen in FTD.

In Unosof, an order can be Printed if the following conditions are met:

  • Order is acknowledged

  • The cut-off time has passed

  • Order is added to a UNOSOF PO

Then, click on the printer icon located in the column Print. It freezes the order in FTD.

Refresh the page to see the order as PRINTED.

FTD Post Fedex & UPS ID's

Some farms (FTD providers) have the option to send the FTD orders (boxes) under their own FedEx and/or UPS accounts. In other cases, when a farm does not have or want to use their own Fedex and/or UPS account, FTD would take care of sending orders (boxes).

If the FTD orders get sent under the FTD Fedex/UPS account, UNOSOF receives a tracking ID, that can be printed by the farm for the orders (boxes) to ship.

However if the farm ships the FTD orders (boxes) under their own Fedex and/or UPS account, its necessary to post back to FTD the tracking ID's.

Locate the column Tracking and enter the tracking ID in the input field.

An order must be added to Unosof PO to enable the tracking input field.


The tracking ID can be posted once the order is Printed with the barcode icon below the column Track.


Refresh the page and generate the report to view the posted tracking ID.


In case you need to change the tracking ID, you can overwrite the posted tracking ID by entering the new number and posting again.

It's recommendable that you post the tracking number once to prevent FTD from extra communication with the final customer.

FTD Order Creation in UNOSOF

An FTD order(box unit) can be added to a PO if the order is acknowledged and the cut-off time has passed.

In the column Select, tick the check boxes of the orders that you want adding to a PO and hit the button ADD.


Refresh the page to see the corresponding box and PO numbers created with the selected orders.


FTD Management rules en tips

FTD Date Filter

Its possible to show FTD orders in UNOSOF based on different dates. What kind of dates do we manage and what do these mean?

  • creation date - when did you pulled the order from FTD

  • delivery date - when does the final customer receives the order (box) from FTD

  • shipping date - this is UNOSOF's PO date

  • cutoff date - this is FDT's shipping date (when the customer can no longer cancel a box).

FTD Logg Files

  • who & when pulled an order from FDI.

  • who & when updated an order status.

  • who & when created or assigned an FTD order to an UNOSOF PO

FTD Cases & Best practice

An acknowledged and later rejected box still appears on the PO page....

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