Mass Print Box Labels

Use this module, in case, box stickers are need to print once again.

In the upper-middle section, the user will find a special button call Mass Print. Please click on that option.

A new screen will pop up where the box label stickers can be printed again. Use the filters to find a specific PO, box, etc... To proceed with the search click on SEARCH.

Color Meaning

White: It means the box sticker has not been printed. Below the columns PRINTED and PRINTED AWB, the No label appears verifying the previous.

Green: If the box is in Green and below the columns Printed and Printed AWB withe the PRINTED label, it means that the box sticker was printed.

The below case means that the complete box sticker was PRINTED while the top part of the sticker is not.

Note: Use the AWB? filter, to choose among the complete box stickers or the ones without AWB information. In essence, you can choose to print only the top part of a box sticker(choose AWB).

Choose AWB in the filter and click on Search.

Please, check the small box under the column Select. Then, press on Print Boxes AWB.

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