Create a customer

It is important to define which type of customer you want to create.

There are two types of customers:

  1. Billing Customer: Customer that receives and pays an invoice for the purchase of goods or services.

  2. Shipping Customer: Customer or location to which the purchased goods are shipped, known as "marcación".

In Unosof, billing clients are always marked in Green while shipping customers are marked in Yellow.

Before you create a customer, make 100% sure that the customer does not exist already in the system.

UNOSOF does block the creation of identical names, but any character change will be allowed.

Before you create a new Billing or Shipping customer, check if the client already exists. It's possible that the client was created before and that you only have to reconfigure the account.

Make use of the filer NAME to search and/or verify the existence of a client with the rest of the filters set on ALL.

Creating a customer can be done in two different ways. The first is to start from scratch with the button Copy existing customers

We strongly recommend using the COPY function, this will avoid some work and generate fewer errors. Search for an existing customer that you wish to copy from.

For Master Server structures: all creation and modifications have to be made from the Master Server, and need to be synched afterward.

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