Edit Boxes

This module will help the user to modify a composition box within a PO.

It can happen that after you have saved a box, you need to copy, modify or delete the box in question.

This process can be done from the Purchase order creation page whenever the box is not confirmed not packed yet.

In the right-upper part of each box we will find three small icons that allow the user to complete any the three processes described above:

a. Bin icon: Deletes boxes

First, locate the box you want to delete and click on the bin icon. A message will appear asking for confirmation, please, click on OK. It will make a refresh of the Packing List to delete the box.

b. Two-way arrow icon: Allow to edit boxes

Click on the two-arrow icon on the box you want to edit. The box content will appear in the Box creation section. Then, you can use the options needed to edit the box such as delete a bunch, change prices, change box types, add freights, add box labels, etc.

c. Copy icon: Copy a box into the creation box section. Saving this one will create a duplicate of a box.

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