Modify Standing Orders

In this page we explain the process how to modify a Standing Order from the Standing Order List.

Go to the Sales module and choose the Standing Order list section.

Home / Customers / Sales / Standing Order List

In the submenu, select the Purchase Orders Grouped By Day / PO option.

The user can use the filters to find a specific standing order. Clicking the search button will search based on the criteria provided.

We recommend to search by day or by PO ID. Searching ALL Standing Orders requires looping a lot of data from the data base. It can take some time to pull up the page because of that.

The STANDING ORDER LIST (GROUPED) appears at screen.

Click on the Calendar icon (in blue) In the Notes Column.

Pressing the button will bring up the Update Standing Order form.

In this screen many aspects of the SO's can be modified:

Update Standing Order

Here we describe the options in the menu that we show if you clicked on the blue icon.

REPLICATION DAY: Select the day of the week for the SO to be replicated.

I.E: the client usually receives the order on Friday and now it whats to receive it on Monday. This is where the setting has to be changed.

STATUS: Activate or Deactivate Status, Please choose ACTIVE option.

I.E: This option helps If the customer doesn't want to receive the standing order anymore, or if the customer wants to order an inactive order again, this is where the user can inactive or activate the order.

HAS END DATE?: Avoid this option, always leave it as IN-ACTIVE, because if by error and incorrect date is selected, the SO will not replicate and the costumer will not receive the Order.

START DATE: This is a fundamental part of the creation of a SO, this date most be an historic date!!

I.E: 01-01-2010: This is done to protect the SO of being deleted, packed, invoiced.

END DATE: Section to choose until when the order will be replicated in the system, if the HAS END DATE? part is set to IN-ACTIVE this section will not work.

Viewing In-Active Standing Orders

Please in the Purchase Orders Grouped By Day / PO option, direct to the filter STATUS.

Find the Status filter and select the INACTIVE option.

Click on the Search Button.

The system will display on the page the Inactive orders highlighted in red.

3rd column "Active?" will show the status of the SO, in this case, "Inactive"

Another option to not replicate a SO:

The option REPLICATE? it is a faster method to keep the SO's from NOT replicating. In the day to day it is recommended to use the Pending approval status option to modify and have better control of the orders with the module of "Stading Order Approval Status"

Please in the The STANDING ORDER LIST (GROUPED) screen.

In the Replicate? column, select un select the blue mark so the order doesn't replicate the next order replication.

Manage Approval Status

Some farms, work with an approval process for standing orders. This approval power can be given to a person via a separate permission in the permission list, called: standing order approval save.

This permission gives the ability to take control of the process to revise a standing order, before it gets placed into the replication schedule.

unapproved SO's do not get replicated.

In order to approve or un-approve a SO, you need to go to the module: Customers > Sales > Standing Order list. And select the option in the dropdown box: Standing Order Approval Status.

Use the "ID Order" search field to find quickly the exact standing order that you wish to change status for.

once you found your PO via the filers or PO ID, you shall see the following page to manage the approval status with. Change the status of Approved to Un-approved, or visa-versa to lock or unlock a SO with.

approved SO's are frozen and they cannot be modified.

An approved SO cannot be modified, all the management options and save buttons on a PO page are not having any effect, until the SO gets un-approved. Only the status of un-approved SO, allows the users to modify. The difference between an approved or unapproved SO in the PO page is recognizable as follows:

How to fix a Standing order that is created with an incorrect date:

Can happen that you created an original SO on an incorrect date, please don't worry because is really easy to fix.

Take a look at this example:

1) Revise in the Standing order list module for the SO you created incorrectly.

Is recommended to use the filter ID Order, to search for the specific PO.

Please click in the PO # colored in blue located in the ID BOX column.

This will take you to the PO.

In the Date PO, Date Fly, and Date Truck you can notice that the PO is created incorrectly.

An original standing order can never be created in recent date.

In order to avoid packing original standing orders because they are created incorrectly.

It is mandatory to use an old date (2010) in the creation of the original SO's,.

This Original SO is created incorrectly.

To correct the mistake you must copy the SO and create a new one with an old date.

Please use the COPY button.

Confirm the copy with the OK button.

A new SO with a new unique ID number is created.

Now you can modify the Day so it's an Original SO.

Additionally click in the Create SO button, to make the SO original.

Please SAVE the SO to verify in the Standing order list if the SO is well created.

Confirm the day of replication.

Check the End Date? and please select NO.

After pressing the SAVE button, a confirmation message from the system will appear.

Remember: Once an Original SO is modified, only future replications will be affected. While the previous replication will maintain the original information.

Now, the SO is created correctly and ready for replication.

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