Inventory Priority List

This page is build to guide the PH via commercial instructions. We give priority wise clear working instructions for the classifiers, bunchers (S2) and packers (S3).

Please go to: Inventory /Inventory Priority / Inventory Priority List

The module shows as follows and have two different visualizations:

Inventory Priority CW

Inventory Priority IPAD

Tip: Use the filters like Warehouse, Species, Variety to shrink your search and get a quick load.

Inventory priority IPAD

We give instructions per variety what needs to get processed (classified and bunched) first, second, etc. The page has to be follow up from top to bottom.

In where red lines are today's orders to full-fill, orange lines are tomorrow's orders to full-fill, green lines are orders that are two day's out to full-fill and the white lines are more than 2 day's out to full-fill.

Before running results, please use the filters. Its recommendable that if you stand in front of a lira with a variety, example: Vendela, you filter out Vendela in the module, to know what are the process instructions (classification and bunches) Vendela has.

What to process for color bunches

There is a guide(Color recipe) for color bunches to know what the post-harvest can classify and process. In the column RECIPE, you will find the letters RA in blue. Please, click on it and a new page will pop up with the varieties per color that the post-harvest can process.

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