Move Unapplied Deposit Values

This module explains different methods that can be used to move unapplied deposits from one client account to another.

Method 1. Move a complete unapplied deposit

This method can be used for a deposit that has not been used for any invoice. If that's the case, follow the next steps.

The first step is to configure the client to allow the movement of deposits. Check the following link.

pageManage Customers

Once the client is configured:

Go to: Accounting/ Account Transactions/ View Deposits

Search for your unused deposit.

Choose the option Deposit Results Confirm from the dropdown menu and hit Search.

The column Account From shows the current client to whom the deposit belongs.

Please, focus on the following fields to proceed with the change:

Note: It helps to add any memo or reference to the movement.

Account From: Select the new client to whom the deposit will belong.

SAVE: Click on the green button to save the change.

Refresh the page to see the change.

Method 2. Move partial unapplied deposit

This method helps to move values from unapplied deposits to different clients.

This is the most favorable method for accounting matters.

Having a deposit applied and some value left that needs to be reassigned to a different client or clients. Please, follow the next steps:

Let's consider a deposit value of $200 registered in client A, from which $100 was applied to an invoice and the $100 left value has to be moved to another customer, client B.

1. Apply the left deposit value to an invoice

Client A has $100 in favor which has to be moved to client B. Please, apply this value to an invoice of client A.

2. Apply a debit note to the previous invoice

It cancels out the previously applied left value($100), leaving the client with the correct balance.

3. Apply a credit note to an invoice of the other client

It gives the client the corresponding deposit value through the credit.

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