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Manage Vendors

This module manages the adding and editing of Vendors within UNOSOF. A vendor is a product supplier.

Manage and View Vendors

This is the primary page for creating, editing, and viewing Vendors
Home / Vendors / Manage Vendors / Manage Vendors https://farm.unosof.com/index.cfm?event=Vendors.List
Manage Vendor Page
From this page, you are able to search existing Vendors using various filters such as Name, Status, Country, etc. Clicking the search button will search based on the criteria provided.

Create a New Vendor

To create a new vendor click the New Provider button on the top left corner of the page.
Click on New Provider
Clicking on the New Provider button will open up the provider form:
Provider Form
Fill the fields with your provider's information. Make sure all the obligated fields on all tabs are completed.
Click on the Save Button to Save the vendor.

Deleting a Vendor

Because Vendor information could be tied to past purchases and information, we do not allow the deletion of Vendor.
You can change the Status of a Vendor from Active to In-Active which removes it from select options in different parts of the site:
Select the Provider Information tab, in the Status field please choose the In-Active option and click Save to deactivate the Vendor
Inactivate a Vendor
When searching on the Manage Vendor page, the in-activated vendors will be highlighted in grey.
Inactive vendors will be highlighted in grey

Synch Vendors

This section applies only to Master and Farm structures.
To synch a provider, please go to:
Home / System Admin / Synch Data
Find "Vendors" on the list and click on it. This will run a script to synch your vendors to all the related applications.
Synch Vendors