Production reports

Special cases:

For these four reports:

Exportable length (processed) by variety (L)

Exportable length (original) by variety (L)

Exportable length (processed) by variety by block (L)

Exportable length (processed) by variety % (L)

We use the S2 + Restrictions information to field the information in these reports. That the calculation of the result, is S2 + Restriccions (daily input page)

Inventory Projection Consolidation (L)

This report shows weekly data on consolidated projections per variety, farm and block.

Reports / Production Reports

The report will always show information of the subsequent 4 weeks from the week that is selected in the filter called WEEK.

It is possible to filter data by Week, Start Date, Warehouse, Etapa, Block, Species, Product, Status, M2.

Show Zeroes?

This filter allows us to see consolidated projections for varieties that have the value 0 in projections for specific weeks, as can be seen in picture below.

If we do not select this filter. The projections for all weeks for the variety Paloma will not show up in the report. Nevertheless, the data on PALOMA is taken into account in the calculation for the TOTALS row.

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