Create a Purchase Order

Follow the next steps to create a purchase order:

Go: Home / Customers / Sales / Create Purchase Orders

Set Purchase Order Details

On the middle-upper part of the page, place the corresponding header.

Fill out the header with the following information using the corresponding drop-down menu:

  • Bill Customer and Ship Customer: Once, the customer is selected, if set, most of the following information will appear by default.

  • Order Type: Order type such as Open Market, Prebook, Regular Order, etc...

  • Date PO: The creation date of the purchase order. The date the PO will be dispatched.

  • Date Fly: The flying date.The system applies the day after the Date PO automatically.

  • Rep: In case, a sales representative was assigned to the customer. Then, that rep is assigned to the PO by default.

  • Price Sheet: It is possible to assign lists of prices automatically or it can be done manually. For example, the rep may want to charge different prices during different seasons or clients. Choose the desired price list in this option.

The user can create those price lists in the following link.

pageUpload Customer Pricing
  • Incoterm

  • If known, define Date truck. The system automatically adds 1 day from the Date Fly

  • Change cargo agency: It is possible to change the cargo agency until the coordination of the AWB took place. After the coordination, it's no longer possible to modify the cargo agency via the PO form, the instructions of the change have to get communicated to the coordination department, only they can make the change. The reason is to avoid that a cargo agency gets changes without communication by the sales department, without re-coordinating took place. We need to avoid box stickers get printed with a previously assigned cargo agency, which makes it possible that the truck invoice is no longer matching with the box stickers. Therefore, it is good to establish an internal policy and communication about cargo agency changes that took place after coordinating. The cargo agency change can be done by a sales representative until the coordination took place. However, if a cargo agency change is a need after coordinating, only the coordination department can execute this. Learn more at:

pageAirway Bills

Once filled out the header, please click on the Save button located at the right-upper corner of the page. It will generate a PO ID.

It will generate a PO ID that appears at the left-upper corner.

Add Inventory into a Box

This is about adding products into a box. First, locate the Inventory section and use the necessary filters to search for available SKUs in the inventory. In this example, it is only filtered by variety, Test Unosof.

Prebook/Standing Order

Then, go to the Product List subsection and press on Refresh(alt+2).

In case of an Open Market order, go to Live Inventory, instead. As it is known an open market order is carried out once orders with the highest priority have been considered.

This subsection will display all the available inventory in live, i.e., bunches that are physically in a warehouse.

In this example, it will display all the available SKU products for the variety Test Unosof.

Place the bunch that is going to be added into a box and click on the sing + (1). It will pop up a message where you can input the number of bunches desired into the box (2). Then, press on the OK button.

Repeat the previous process to add more products. The added bunches will appear in the Box Creation section.

Note: A box should have SKUs from one warehouse, only. In essence, you can not mix bunches from different warehouses.

In the below picture, you can set different features like:

  • Boxes: Number of boxes being created with the same content

  • Box Type: The user can choose which box type to use.

The next thing to do is to save the box by pressing the green SAVE BOX button.

Once the box is saved, the Packing List section will show the box with its content.

Setting Prices

Within the Box Creation section, go to Pricing and set the price per stem and press the ENTER key, prices per bunch are calculated automatically.

You can also set prices manually for each variety in the highlighted boxes. You can either set prices per stem and bunches will be calculated by default and the other way around.

Note: In case, you have selected a price sheet, prices are being set by default. Then, there not need to do it manually. However, there may be cases in which some varieties prices are not in the selected price sheet. Then, you can add prices manually or add them to the price sheet.

Then, press on the Save Pricing button and refresh the page. Prices will be updated.

Finally, press on the Save button located in the Control Bar.

To visualize the created PO, go to the module Search Purchase Order and use the filters to find your PO.

For more info go:

pageSearch Purchase Orders

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