Future Availability Management Settings

Here we explain how we build up via certain parameters our future availability.


For future availability, we need to translate an estimated bruto production value (the projection) to an exportable value. For the sales department, its essential to see the exportable values per day and length available. Therefore, we apply statistical history data to the projection such as the process x day %, length %, and the flor national % and we deduct that with all the orders being placed in the system. To enter the module, go to: Inventory > View Inventory > Inventory Future Availability

Process per day

The process per day is a table that presents how much percent (%) the post-harvest can process of the total production being produced over the entire week, each day. The percentage (%) does not reflect how much production gets harvested per day, its about how much can be processed. The best way to estimate a process percentage (%), is to calculate how many hours the post-harvest works each day, divided by the total amount of hours available over the entire week.

Select the option Process Day in the select box, and hit Generate. Fill in a % for each post-harvest, each input get auto-saved.

Process length/variety

The second value that needs to get set for an exportable result x length x day, are the length percentages (%). The length % that we apply are coming from bunches being processed over a certain time-frame being selected and are always presented in original lengths, not processed lengths. Any value in the table being set counts forever, until it gets reset.

For a faster result, select one warehouse at the time, and if possible select the specie and varieties that you wish to set the length percentage values for.

There are three ways to set the length percentage (%) values in the table, that we apply to the projections.

Use projection week.

a) first select the start week, this week selection decides of which week we should take all the bunches being processed to calculate our length percentages (%) with. It's possible to fill the table with any history length percentage (%), of any week being selected, as long as there were bunches being processed in that week.

b) select the option in the select box of Exportable Formula: Use Projection Week. c) run the script to fill the table with by hitting the blue button: Set Length % From Formula.

Use Last Week.

This option shall fill the table with last week length percentage (%) results from all the bunches being processed.

a) select the option in the select box of Exportable Formula: Use Last Week b) run the script to fill the table with by hitting the blue button: Set Length % From Formula.

Set % manually

Overwrite any result. It's possible not to use any formula to fill the length percentage (%) table with, but to fill in any length percentage (%) by hand. This method is very useful for NEW varieties that have no history percentage (%) (because no bunches ever got processed); via a manual input of a length percentage (%), the future production shall be visible in the offer for sales.

The total percentage across all the lengths cannot be greater than 100%. The manual input shall not work if any value inserted in a cell pushes the total over 100%.

Flor National / Safety %

This management method works the same as we did for the Variety/Length %. Its possible to differentiate the Flor National from the Safety %. What is flor national? Anything non-exportable (and exportable stems comply with the characteristics of perfect flowers that have NO defects).

What is the safety %? A budget that you can hide to offer as available.

SO 2x Days

This option allows you to reserve a greater amount of stems being placed in a standing order over a certain time frame being selected, by entering a number 2 or greater in the multiplier column.

a) Select the start week. This decides from when we can apply the double reservations for. b) Fill in the multiplier a valid number. Modify the 1 into a 2, to reserve a double amount of flowers of the standing orders for a specific date. Its possible to also reserve triple the amount, by modifying the number into a 3. The new input value shall auto-save.

SO 2x Days Customers

After the time frame has been set, its necessary to check-mark for which customers you wish to reserve the Standing Orders double for. If a check-mark is been given in the select-box, the setting shall be auto-saved.

Search for a specific customer by using the search filter.

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