Create New Dispo

Go: Home/Customers / Sales / Availability Lists

On the left-upper corner click on the blue button, Create New Availability Sheet, to create a new dispo.

A new screen will appear. Please, fill in the information.

  • Availability Type:

  • Dispo Group: It is the market or group of clients that the availability sheet is targeting.

  • Availability Name: Write down the name of the new availability sheet you are creating.

Finally, click on the green Create button.

The page will be refresh and your dispo will appear on the Price Sheet Results.

Building a Dispo or Box Availability

Please, locate your dispo and go to the EDIT column and click on Edit to modify your dispo.

Another window will pop up, you can start to build up a box availability, also called "Dispo" using the filters to search products you like to add to the dispo.

Select Customer: Use the drop-down menu to search for a specific client.

Choose Price Sheet: This filter contains all the price sheets available. It is recommended to build a dispo with pricing as a customer can work with different price sheets(open market, valentines, standing orders etc).

Use the rest of the Filters: elements you wish to make a dispo with. For example warehouse, specise, number of stems per bunch, lengths, package types, cut stages.

Note: The system uses only free available bunches to build a dispo.

Choose Box Type: Choose the type of box you want in your dispo appear. Consider that if you select QB Avail., it is no longer possible to add HB's since QB packing rates have less capacity of bunches per box than HB's). Nonetheless, if HB Avail is selected and saved. Then, it is possible to create some QB's with the leftovers of incomplete HB's. Run a second loop to create and add QB's to your HB dispo.

In order to create a box, packing rates and box assignments have to contain data being assigned to the item/SKU.

Finally, click on the Magnifying Glass to search for available products to add to your dispo.

All available products based on the filters will be shown.

Before saving the dispo, please verify. Then, press on the SAVE button to save the available products into your dispo.

Your dispo content will appear at the right part of the page.

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