Zip SRI Invoices

In this section, the user can download all the XMLs and PDF's of the invoices that have already been authorized in the SRI.

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On the drop-down menu choose the Zip SRI Invoices option.

A file with a .zip format automatically compress all the SRI invoices and can be downloaded. This module helps the user have a compressed file of all the invoices for a whole month, or per customer.

Use the filters to find the desired SRI Invoices.

In the DROP DIRECTORY section, the FILES TO ZIP filter allows the user to choose a ZIP PDF or ZIP XML file.

Please, click on the blue Zip Files button. Then, press on the OK button in the following appeared pop-up.

All the .zip files will be generated in the DROP DIRECTORY section.

Download the .ZIP file

On the File Name column, please click, on the file name in blue to download the .ZIP file.

After downloading the file, please, go to the downloads of your machine and search for the .ZIP file. Then, press on the file to open all of the PDF invoices.

Inside the folder, all the PDF's can be seen.

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