Customer Account Overview

This modules is useful for visualizing customer statements before they are sent out to clients.

A customer statement is the summary of all invoices and financial transactions within a period of time.

As Unosof allows the clients to choose different statements formats, it becomes useful to visualize this statements before we actually send it to the clients. This modules allows us to do this.

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The first step is to select the customer we want to generate the statement for:

Once we select the customer, we continue to choose the initial and end date. By selecting the date, we are able to generate account statements within a time range.

If we want a complete account statement, it is advised to choose the date of the first invoice issued as Statement Start and the current date as the Statement End.

The previously generated customer statements can be seen after selecting a time range in the View Statements menu.

For instance, if we select start date as January 1st, 2022 and end date January 31st, 2022, we will see the statement generated during the month of January.

Once we generate the statement it is possible to see the Date of generation, an icon that allows us the previsualice the statement, the title of the statement, the user name, date and, time of creation. Lastly, this module also allows us the send the statement to the email that is set in manage customers.

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