Station 3: Inventory Shipping

This module is designed to pack bunches (SKU's) into a BOX. It helps to keep full track and tracing of bunches that have been assigned to a PO.

S3 Setup // Hardware

A) At some farms we produce bunches with laminas (roses mainly) that we can scan really smoothly with a laser gun.

B) At other farms we mass produce bunches with sleeves or paper that we can barcode (gyp, hypericum, lilies, carnations, etc). Having 15 years of the best experience in the flower industry has enabled us to develop a packing station design and organization that significantly improves the efficiency of this station.

For the "A" type of packing setups (roses mainly) we recommend creating a setup like this:

For the "B" type packing setups, (mass production, sleeved/paper, like gyp, carnations, etc. we recommend the following:

Station 3 (packing station)

Go: Home/Inventory/Inventory Shipping S3/Inventory Shipping

The S3 - BOX PACKING / SHIPPING screen will pop up where you must choose SELECT WAREHOUSE (Finca) and SELECT BODEGA(Bodega / Finca) and then click on the yellow icon.

In SELECT WAREHOUSE, the user should select the packing warehouse of the bunches.

In SELECT BODEGA, choose the corresponding warehouse.

After pressing on the yellow icon, the below screen will appear. By default, the user can visualize unpacked purchase orders of the current day. If the user wants to look for a specific PO, use the filters such as the PO number, date, customer, etc... and click on the blue arrow button.

For the filter PACKING STATUS:

All: option will show all the PO's for the day, with packed or unpacked boxes.

Open: option shows only the PO's that are missing to pack or partially packed.

Done: option only shows the PO's that are packed.

Besides, the user can use the Search section to filter by text.

Colors Meaning

White - Nothing has been packed.

Orange - The box is partially packed.

Green - The box is fully packed.

Moreover, the number of packed boxes is displayed below the column ENVIADO.

Purple - It refers to orders being packed on the current day, that are not shipped.

Yellow - It is to reference Standing Orders in S3. To verify whether is fully packed, check the number of ENVIADO=CONFIRMED=CAJAS.

Get into a PO content

Press on the number in blue, the PO ID, below the column ID to see the content of the purchase order.

The following page will display the PO with its content.

  • The column called "ID" contains the specific ID of every box that is inside the selected PO.

  • A fully packed box will appear in grey as the line highlighted by the green square.

  • A partially or non-packed box will appear in white as the line highlighted by the red square.

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