Future Availability Sheets

In this manual we explain how is the correct management of the Future Availability Sheets.

To start with this new process, please go to the Inventory Futura Availability module located inside the View Inventory module.

Select in the upper right sub-menu the Future Availability Sheets option located in the Projection Future Availability Builder catalog.

How to create a Future Availability Sheets

Please follow these steps to create a new Future Availability Sheet.

1. Check projections

First is really important to revise that you have projections inputted in the system, for the week that you are going to generate the Sheet.

If projections are not inputted in the system, the Future Availability Sheet module will generate the sheets without any data.

To check the projections data, please go to the Production / Production Data / Projections

In this case, this farm has projections in the system so is good to go with the Future Availability Sheet generation.

2. Revise filters

After accessing this module, please select the correct filters.

For this module is only necessary to use the Start Week filter, this filter is located in the upper right side of the filter section.

Once you selected the desired week, the system will show the data for 4 weeks in advance

After selecting the desired week, please hit the Search button to proceed.

3. Generate the Master Projection Sheet

Once the search is performed the system will show the list of the Generated Projection Sheets.

No please hit the Generate button to create a new Master projection sheet.

After any modification being made to the projections, is necessary to generate a new Master Projection sheet.

The Master projection sheet is needed to create the Children's projection sheets.

Please be patient when you are generating the sheets, it takes time to generate them because of the amount of data that the system is looping through.

Generate Children Projection Sheet

The Children Projection Sheets are the most important part of this process because these Sheets are the ones that you need to modify so they can be sent to the customers.

To generate this new Children projection Sheet please locate the Clone button to create the new sheet.

The generation of the Chill projection sheet is faster than the Master, but please wait a bit because this generation takes its time.

The new Child Sheet will be shown below the Master projection sheet.

Now with the Children Projection Sheet, you can start modifying the data to show the projections to your customers.

1. Get inside the Projection sheet.

To start modifying the Children Projection sheet please locate the Column ID, and click on the Blue ID # button to access it.

Each Sheet has a unique ID #, so it can be searched and we can keep track of the generations.

Now a new screen will appear with the information of the existing varieties so it can be modified.

This new Children projection sheet shows information of the search week that was selected in the Master Projection sheet, and also shows information of 4 weeks in advance.

2. Use the filters to set up the Projection Sheet

Now that the sheet is correctly created, is necessary to set up what you will like to show to your customers using the filters.

In this step, you first need to apply the filters to save the Projection sheet. So Using the Search button in the form of a loop is really important to use.

Initially, all the products are set to active, this means that at the beginning you are showing all the projections to your customer.

The filters OVER and OVER affect the results in the ORG REMAINING column.

So if you use the filter OVER and input the value of 100 stems, the system will show data only for varieties that have more than 100 stems.

And if you use the filter UNDER and input the value of 100 stems, the system will only show data for the varieties that have less than 100 stems.

Now for this example, we are going to activate only the Varieties that are available with more than 100 Stems, so we are going to use the OVER filter.

So we input 100 in the filter OVER and then hit the Search loop marked in green.

Using the OVER filter is appropriate if you wish to create a Projection Sheet without negatives.

Now that we only show varieties available with more than 100 stems, please hit the Save button that has the green disk.

After saving the Projection sheet please go back to the Future Availability Sheets module to finish with the parametrization.

Is really important to select the Price sheet that will be shown in this new Projection Sheet.

The Box type that you will like to link to the sheet.

And the Format you will like to show to your customer.

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