Defections: Flor National

Here we explain you how to input defections, also known as Flor national.

Defections Manual Input

Module to register what will be inputted as defections (Flor National). This module must be accessed from the Farm level.

To access, the user must go Home / Inventory / Inventory Defects / Defections

When accessing this module, we must select the farm where we want to register these stems.

As soon as the farm is set, the display screen will change.

In this new screen, we must select the following parameters:


In this first filter, we must select the # of the block where the variety comes from.


Once the indicated Block is selected, in the VARIETY filter, we will be able to select the variety that is planted in the field plan.


In the Defects option, we must enter the type of defect for which we are going to enter the National Flower into the system.

If you will like to create a new defect reason, please contact the Unosof customer support team.


The person in charge of classifying the stems in the postharvest.


The total of Stems that are going to enter the defections (national flower).


This date is the one that the system takes as the day of entry of the flower stems..

In the event that the farm staff needs to enter bouquets from previous days, they must contact the UNOSOF support team or the farm systems executive to enable entry into the system of these stems.


After verifying that the information we want to enter into the system is correct, we must save it with the disk icon.

As soon as the stems are saved, the system will display the following message confirming that the stems were successfully entered into the system.

View Defections:

This module shows the registered stems and the details in the different reports that this module has.

Home / Inventory / Inventory Defections / View Defections

A good report to revise the daily inputs will be the "Total Defects By Day".

After generating the search, DEFECT BY VARIETY will appear with all the information about the defections.

This report shows the date of entry, # of stems, and most importantly the defect reason for which the flower was exited.

Delete entry of Stems

Enter the List Daily Flor Nacional report.

To eliminate any error that the classifier may have made there, we must go to the last column DELETE.

There we will find a red button that we must press to delete.

Defections Excel Upload

To upload the Defections via an Excel file, the users must access the following module:

Home / Inventory / Inventory Defections / View Defections

Select the option Download Defect

The system will automatically download an Excel file, so information about defections can be inputted.

Information can be only added for 1 day.

Once all the information is filled up, click on the Choose file button to proceed to upload the file.

When the file is selected, it is possible to upload the file and revise it.

The system will show the following screen before uploading the file.

Please click on the Process File button to proceed.

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