Product Inventory Life

In this module its possible to manage the rotation days allowed in inventory per SKU.

Admin / Edit Max Days options.

The first step of this process is to go to the Accounting / Accounting Administration module.

Please direct to the Inventory Info section.

Please locate the Maximum Days Edit Packaging, Max Days in Inventory, Max Days Edit Receiving rows so you can modify this aspects in the system.

If the new priority days of the varieties are 4 days of rotation, please select the #4 in all of the 3 rows that are marked in red.

Hit the Save button to proceed.

SKU vs Commercial Variety

Its possible to apply the rotation days per SKU or in batch per Commercial variety. When you work with bouquets at the farm, the SKU form is the ONLY way to manage aging definitions with. The reason that we have the commercial name option, is to work efficient in batch with clustered data.

We recommend to work always with the Lifespan SKU Name.

Go to: Production > Production Data > Product Inventory Life. And select the optio Lifespan SKU Name, an this the green button View Inventory Life Adjustments.

Lifespan SKU Name

Once you have pulled up the list, you get the following view:

Lifespan Commercial Name

As we learned before, its possible to cluster SKU's into a commercial variety, please select the Lifespan Commercial Name to view this page as follows:

How do we cluster SKU's into a commercial variety? Go to manage products and check out the column, Commercial. Any change like a space, a comma, or complete different names, get a new cluster in the Lifespan Commercial Name.

In order to change this Commercial name, go into the SKU form:

Apply or Modify Aging Days

Its possible to set the aging of an SKU or Commercial Variety via two different methods: Set Lifespan and Add +/- Days. The difference between these two methods depends on what kind of action you wish to manage. If you wish to Apply or to Re-set a NEW aging definition, use the Set Life Span field and input (#days out) in the following field:

When you work with multiple aging settings per SKU, because white roses are more sensitive then reds, because certain SKU's are waxed, pained, glittered, etc, use the method Add +/- Days. When you input a +1, all SKU's get applied a +1 day, and when you apply -1, all SKU's get deducted with -1 day of aging.

Save Inventory Life

To save the settings of the aging days allowed of rotation in inventory, hit the blue button "Save Inventory Life".

Perishable vs NON-Parishable

Perishable products, Life Vaces, Decorations, etc do no get taken into account for aging control module. Any SKU being set as perishable shall stay inventory forever, and do not need an aging definition.

Manage Products > Copy SKU = Copy Aging.

When an SKU gets copied, also the amount of aging days allowed gets copied.

Practical Tips:

A reason to lower down aging can be botrytis, pressure, bad weather, etc..

  1. Please always do the change of priority days at the end of the day, when the truck already left the farm, the S2 is not processing bunches and the S3 are not prepacking for the next day.

  2. Be sure you communicate this well between all departements involved in this process, especially with the packing room (S3) and the sales team.

  3. Decreasing days of aging: Before and after the change can happen that some boxes that were confirmed before, might get unconfirmed as "UNCONFIRMED WITHOUT FLOWER".

5. Adding days of aging: (Increasing the days of rotation of an specific variety) has zero effect on the inventory and processes of the farm.

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