Cargo Agencies

This module manages the adding and editing of Cargo Agencies within UNOSOF. A cargo agency is a company which manages the exportation of products from a farm.

Managing and Viewing Cargo Agencies

This is the primary page for creating, editing and viewing Cargo Agencies.

Home / Customers / Exportations / Manage Cargo Agencies

From this page, you are able to search existing Cargo Agencies using various filters such as Name, Status, Phone. Clicking the search button will search based on the criteria provided.

New Cargo Agency

To create a new Cargo Agency, click the New Cargo Agency Button in the upper left corner.

Clicking this button brings up the Cargo Agency Form

This is where the information of a new Cargo Agency can be entered. Please note the tabs for Cargo Agency Info, Addresses, Contact Info, and Accounting/Notes. Once all information has been entered, hit the save button to save the Cargo Agency.

Editing Cargo Agency

To edit a Cargo Agency, click on any Cargo Agency from the Manage Cargo Agency Result Page.

This will also bring up the Cargo Agency form populated with the data of that Cargo Agency. You can edit any information and hit save to update the data.

Deleting a Cargo Agency

Because Cargo Agency information is tied to past exportations and order information, we do not allow the deletion of a Cargo Agency.

You can change the Status of a Cargo Agency from Active to In-Active which removes it from select options in different parts of the site:

Select the Accounting / Notes tab, in the Active section please choose the In-Active option and click Save to deactivate the Cargo Agency

When searching in the Manage Cargo Agency page, the in-activated cargo agency will be highlighted in red.

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