Manage Transfers Bunches

Here we explain how the transfer process works and where data comes from.

UNOSOF contains great tools to manage transfers with, but for successful results its a must to have clear policies and processes in place. Without that, transfers are extremely difficult to manage. Here we shall explain how transfers work in UNOSOF, what factors are involved and we shall give you some tips for efficient results.

The physical inventory HAS to match the digital inventory. Before you start with transfer management, make sure that you fully control your inventory well.

Transfer definition

Single RUC vs Multi-RUC transfers

Practically it should not matter if you transfer units within the same RUC or between Multiple RUC's, however technically it makes a big difference and it's important to understand why. Each RUC has its own database with its own barcodes. Therefor making a transfer of units within the same database is different than transferring units between two RUC's (different databases).

Single RUC: we can work with the same barcode and no remote calls to other databases are a need for reporting. Multi-RUC: we exit the barcode from the database where the units leaves from and we reenter this barcode automatically at the new location (new database). Remote calls are a need for reporting.

Process location and Packaging location.

A process location, is where you process the bunches. A packing location, is where you pack the bunches in boxes. The process- and packing location get chosen in our purchase order (PO) page. These locations are very important to choose well, based on where the product is available. When the bunches are been processed (live inventory), you can analyze quickly where you should pack the box. However its more difficult to choose your packing- and process location when you place a pre-book or standing orders, this requires a deeper analyze into the future availabilities to where the product shall be availabe at. UNOSOF realizes that new tools need to be developed to make those kind of decisions fast and easy, with accuracy.

Analyze our future availability page at least once a week. Anticipate your needs, see where you need the flowers at the right time, at the right place. Don't wait till the day of delivery.

Lets learn more about process- and packing locations. When you build a purchase, you select from the "live inventory" or via the "product list" the bunches you'd like to sell, this decides the process location. In this example each process location (FM and San Enrique) have to process 4 bunches.

Here we explain how you select your packing location, where you decide to pack the box. In this example we decide to pack 8 bunches at San Enrique.

Before processing bunches:

The PO request generates the following inventories: Farm Processing Dispo. There we indicate that each postharvest has to process 4 bunches.

On the other side we have the request to pack the box at San Enrique. that we inventory we call: Bodega Packing Dispo. We show that San Enrique needs 8 bunches to pack.

After processing bunches:

If the bunches are being processed by the post-harvest via station 2 (S2), the Farm Processing Dispo inventory shall look as follows:

However, eventhough the bunches are all being processed, we cannot pack the box yet. 4 bunches shall have to be transfered to the other location in order to complete the need. This we visualize in the Bodega Packing Dispo as follows:

Sales works with an inventory page that does not contain any balance left to sell. This inventory is based on the process location balances.

Because the bunches are physically not at the location to pack the box with, we do not allow to confirm the box. This avoids that the box sticker can get printed, and this avoids that the "sortidor" would look for flowers to pick that don't exist physically at the packing location in the coldroom.

The priority box confirmation page is based on packing location. Until the 4 units are not been transferred, the box cannot be confirmed to pack.

Transfer Bunches

To transfer bunches from one location to another location we use the following module and pages.

Manage Inventory Transfers.

Go to: Inventory > Transfer Inventory > Manage Inventory Transfers

Here we show which bunches (SKU by aging) need to be transferred, and to which packing location.

Separate the bunches that you wish to transfer from the general inventory by placing them phiscally at a marked spot in the coldroom.

Send Transfer Scan by ID

Go to: Inventory > Transfer Inventory > Send Transfer Scan By ID

Time to scan the bunches out of inventory and to put these bunches in-transit status. This process will exit the bunches out inventory.

We recommend to scan the bunches out of inventory to transfer inmediatly after you placed them in the marked spot in the coldroom. Eventhough those bunches leave hours later with the truck the coldroom, the scan avoid that sales will sell those bunches while they wait to get transferred.

Bunches In-Transit

Go to: Inventory > Transfer Inventory > Manage Inventory Transfers

Here you have to select the report View Inventory In-Transit and hit search. This report shall present you a list of all the bunches that are been exited from the original location and that have not arrived yet at the transfer location.

This list scrinks when bunches are being scanned as received or when bunches never arrived and get returned to its original location. You scan all the phisical bunches as received when the truck arrives with the bunches being transfered. Any bunch that was scanned out of inventory, but that never got arrived, has to be returned to its original location.

Hit the red button RETURN to sent the bunch back .This you only do, if the bunch was never received.

We recommend to clean this list every day. If bunches were not received, those bunhces need to get returned. Document and communicate well internally all the bunches that get returned.

While the bunches are In-Transit, we show this status also in the View Inventory Packaging List.

Receive Transfer By ID

Go to: Inventory > Transfer Inventory > Receive Transfer By ID

Once the bunches arrive at the packing location, the bunches shall need to get received via the following page:

If your scan pistol is broken, its also possible to receive by clicking the green RECEIVE button in the View Inventory In-Transit page.

We recommend to scan the received bunches inmediatly on the moment of arrival. This shall add the bunches to the inventory and provides the possibility to confirm the boxes for packing and/or to sell those bunches.

For efficiency we recommend to anticipate the transfers for the Standing orders and Prebooks as much as possible. The need is known days in ahead of time, don't wait untill the day of delivery to transfer those bunches. For (pre)-packing the boxes, the bunches need to be at the packing location.

For efficiency we recommend to apply a time limit policy to transfer bunches. Its not good to sell bunches that need to get transfered, after the limit passed. This causes organizational problems, time delays and in the worse case you have to brake your promise torwards your client.

NEVER hit the button RECEIVE on the View Inventory In-Transit page if the bunches phiscially have not arrived yet.

Force transfers from sales or not?

What do forced transfer mean? Lets go back to our example, the need is to have 8 bunches at the packing location and each farm has to process 4 bunches.

Its possible that each farm processes 4 bunches, that we process the transfer and that we complete the need of 8. But its also possible that San Enrique processes the total need of 8, because they have the same variety and they "over processed" the need of 4 bunches. The question is then, do we still transfer 4 bunches over from FM to San Enrique, or not. This we call: Do we force transfers from sales, or not.

At some farms we applied forced transfers, this means that whatever is been defined in the PO page, we followup up on the transfer page. But its also possible to not force the transfer and to let UNOSOF Auto-Calculate if the transfer is needed or not. At single-RUC transfers, both options are possible: Forced and not-forced. However if the transfer is done between two RUC's, we can only apply the forced transfer method.

Transfer for processing or packaging?

In case of transfering bunches, we always transfer for packing location purpuse. However its also possible to transfer mallas, that always has a process location purpuse. This process we explain in the following section of this manual:

Manage Transfers Mallas

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