Daily Input Page

Here we register all the un-classified flowers. Meaning, any stem that is not being registed as "Flor National" or "Exportable", needs to get registered in this module.

Go to: Production > Production Data > Daily Production

here you shall find a page where you can input stems that shall not get classified, such as: - Flor para control de calidad - Yemas para material vegetal - Restricciones - Pinches - Otro Razones.

ALL stems that have a restriction, have to be also received via S1.

Flor para control de calidad

Yemas para material vegetal


A restriction is a term for flowers that do not get processed (not getting classified, neither being bunched), that you shall not process into a bunch (exportable) and that shall not get registered as "Flor national". These stems most likely to go "Compost" and is a direct loss for the company. We have two options to register these:

select the start and end date (have to be the same) and click on the tab Restricciones

Classified Restrictions

If you classified the variety, then you know the amount of stems of the restriction in each length. In this case you have to insert the amount of stems in the cells of the length ONLY.

Field Restrictions

if you don't classify the variety, and you trow entire "mallas" away from the field, then you don't know the length of the product. In this case we have to enter in a total number as a restriction.

View Restrictions

Here we can report how many stems you have thrown away over a period of time. Select in the dropbox "Totals per Day" and select a time frame range that you with report, start date and end date.

The restrictions will be also displayed in the Production Report: Bruto Production by Variety Total.


Otro Razones

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