Mass Edit Beds with Excel

Route: Site Manager/ Location Management/ Manage Locations

Mass modifications of beds can also be done through an excel file. Please, follow the next steps described below.

Select the Mass Edit Beds(.xlsx) option from the drop-down menu.

Note that you must use at least the filter Locations to enable the functionality of the page.

1. Download the Excel File

Next, click on the option XLSX Manage located in the upper right-hand of the page. Then, choose the option Download Filtered.

It will download an excel file based on the filters used.

2. Edit the Excel file

Please, open the file. The editable variables are marked in the red square, i.e. the yellow section.

Do not delete any column or row, this file's purpose is to mass-edit the existing data only.

Changes on Dates

If changes in dates on the columns Construction, Planted, and Production, are needed, please, change the format to TEXT of those columns, first.

The format for the dates is MM/DD/YYYY.

Make the changes you need and save it.

3. Upload the Excel File

Go back to Mass Edit Beds(.xlsx) in Manage Locations. Please, locate the XLSX Manage button and click on Upload Filtered, this time.

The following option will pop up, click on Choose File.

Once you attach the file, please, press on OK button.

4. Validation Process of Changes

If the upload is done correctly, the following message appears: "Click here to follow the upload progress.". Please, click in Click here to start with some steps that help to update the filed plan in a proper and careful way.

It will redirect to a new page where the number of changes made on the excel file is recognized.

Example: 26 modifications are made to the excel file we're uploading.

Pulse Start Validation, and accept the warning message to begin the process of verification with the Yes, Validate! button.

The process of validation starts running.

Please, note that you have to hit on the word refresh to update the status of the process.

Note that you would need to refresh more than once.

If the validation is finished, records on the excel changes display in the Saving section.

5. Saving Changes and Updating the Field Plan

To update the filed plan with the new changes, please hit on Start Saving.

Accept the warning message with the Yes, Validate! button.

The saving process starts running.

Please, note that you have to hit on the word refresh to update the status of the process.

If the saving process is finished, the message " X records updated", where X is the number of changes, appears in the Saving section.

6. Check Changes

Please, close the above page and go back to the Manage Locations module.

Select one of the view options, VIEW WAREHOUSE DATA, from the dropdown menu and verify the changes made.

Example: View Results By Location

Field Plan before:

Field Plan after:

7. Take a Snapshot of the Field Plan

You should always take a snapshot after the modifications are processed.

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